Low Airfare (Air Ticket) Offer on air.irctc.co.in

On this new year irctc flight booking has become cheaper for a short period of time. Hurry and get your air tickets as fast as possible. All you need to do is go to air.irctc.co.in  and book your ticket. The fare cost is starting from Rs. 1557/- only and is only available between
12th January 2015 to 18th January 2015. Also the ticket you are booking only avail this offer if you travelling date lies between 16th Jan 2015 to 30th April 2015. Also, these tickets are available only for special destinations from particular city.

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irctc flight booking

There are also many tricks used by the users to get air tickets cheaper which I have mentioned before. Cheap air ticket booking is possible as now many companies are competing and offering different types of discounts. It is a rare fact but it has also been found that some companies set your ticket charges according to your activity. If you have booked ticket many times before on that site they will charge you more but if you are a first time visitor you will be charged less.

All these thing depends on the cookies that are stored in your browser which has all the details of your activities. They access you cookies and if found that you have booked before they will charge you more. The trick is to delete your cookies before opening any air ticket site and  they will think you are a first time user and will give you discounts and offers. Well, this thing not been confirmed but it is an assumption made by few people experiences. So if you want to keep receiving cheap booking offers on air ticket keep your cookies clear.

These days if your are going for a tatkal ticket of AC 1st Tier then it is better to buy an Air ticket as both cost more or less the same (recommended only for long distances). With simple small intelligent steps you can save a lot.

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Update:  The Offer is over. keep visiting for new offers and news.

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