PNR Status

PNR Status For IRCTC and other Users

Enter the 10-digit PNR Number below and click on the Check PNR Status to get your ticket, seat berth and coach status.

What is PNR Status?

Passenger name record status is your current or latest reservation status. If you have booked ticket from IRCTC you will find written PNR number on your ticket or you can find it on your regular counter ticket with ten digits.

How to Check PNR status?

Just enter ten digit number in the above box and click on PNR status. A new window will appear which will show your current passenger name record status status.

PNR is one of the most important number because even if you lost your ticket and you remember or have your pnr written somewhere else you can travel. When ticket examiner comes they only check that ten digit number and pnr status that is waiting or confirmed or in case RAC and matches it with your name and signs on their register. So if you lost your ticket and know your pnr just show him your id and tell what happened and he will manage it.

Some of the common mistakes that people make while checking their confirmed Indian Railway PNR status is writing or mistyping the PNR number that lead to errors. Other mistakes like putting space in between the numbers or using symbols in between the digits.

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IRCTC PNR Status via SMS

Getting PNR Status of the unconfirmed reservation ticket became very handy these days. There are many options available to extract the passenger details through Passenger Name Record well known as PNR. This is actually a 10-digit number that identifies the reservation details of the particular passenger when s/he booked ticket via reservation counter manually or through IRCTC Online booking portal virtually. Here in this page, we have explained the process of checking PNR Status via SMS or Mobile Phone.

indian railway pnr status by sms

How to know PNR Status via SMS?

What if your mobile data pack expires when you came out of station? In this situation it is hard to know Indian Railways PNR Status through Online. So, it is necessary to have knowledge in alternative options like checking PNR Status via SMS. With the launch of this service, Indian Railways came closer to public in means of their services. It is simple to get the status of PNR through SMS. Only the basic charge applies per SMS which costs lower than mobile data pack or mobile internet. Go through the process mentioned below to know IRCTC PNR Status via SMS.

Just send a SMS to 139 / 58888 / 5676747 with the prescribed format as pointed below.

PNR<space>10 digits PNR Number

Send the message to 139 to get the status via SMS. [Standard charges applies per SMS]. Passenger can even call to 139 to know the status via IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System). Most of the cellular services offer special services to get PNR Status for their subscribers by charging fee. To know the exact details, call to customer care of the respective mobile phone network operator.

With this service of getting PNR Status via SMS, passengers can get their birth status from anywhere without the support of personal computer.

IRCTC PNR Status Explained

Due to the online reservation system, traveling through Indian Railways became easy and affordable to common people. There are many incredible services is being offered by the IRCTC like know PNR Status through online as well as offline via SMS system. Jumping into the core part of the topic, after the registration of the ticket through IRCTC online reservation system or through offline, there might be a chance that your ticket gets confirmed or it might go into waiting list state.

The ticket contains only the short forms like for waiting list it labeled as WL etc. Here we listed few abbreviations that might help you to understand more about IRCTC PNR Status.

PNR Status Acronyms

1. CAN/MOD: It means CANCELLED/MODIFIED. If you have cancelled the ticket, the status of the booked ticket will be shown as CAN/MOD. Soon after cancelling the ticket, check the PNR Status then it will return the same on the console.

2. CNF: It means CONFIRMED. Actually, with this status passengers will feel happy because their journey gets confirmed and they can travel to their destination without any hassles. There are some additional information returns when the ticket gets CNF Status while checking PNR Status. Birth Number and Coach Number will be returned back on the console after checking Indian Railways PNR Status. [In case passenger gets WL/RAC status while booking the ticket, then the birth and coach numbers will be finalized after chart preparation].

3. CK: This status refers to Tatkal Booking. During some scheduled changes in IRCTC, Tatkal Tickets can only be booked before 24 hrs. If one find the reservation status as CK, then it refers to tatkal reservation.

4. CKWL: It is a two word abbreviation. CK refers to Tatkal and WL refers to Waiting List. If the passenger gets the status as CKWL, it means the reservation is not confirmed in Tatkal scheme. The waiting list Tatkal ticket gets confirmed in the next stage where as the general reservation ticket will moves to RAC category.

5. RAC: It means Reservation Against Cancellation. If the passenger gets this status, then s/he should share a common birth. If anyone cancels the journey, then a birth will be allocated to the passenger in priority basis.

6. WL: Obviously, it means Waiting List. This means the ticket has not been confirmed and it can be cancelled anytime before chart preparation. If the passenger booked the ticket using IRCTC Online booking portal, then it will be automatically cancelled after the chart is prepared and the amount will be refunded in couple of days.

7. PQWL: It means Pooled Quota Wait List that refers to waiting ticket status when the ticket is booked through railway quota.

8. GNWL: It means General Waiting List. You are not eligible to travel without the ticket gets confirmed. In some cases it is possible to travel in general compartment when the ticket is booked from Railway Station.

9. REGRET/WL: It means, the portal is not allowed to book anymore tickets. When this message comes, it means No More Booking Permitted.

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