IRCTC Now Supports Payments Through Paytm Wallet

Users of the highly popular site will appreciate that IRCTC payments can be made through their Paytm Wallets

In this modern world of smartphones, apps are starting to become more like the products we buy. Online service most likely will have an app counterpart for smartphones for better interaction with the smaller screens. Some services only work through apps.
Indian netizens have increasing started to get as many services from the comfort of their home as possible. Recharging and bill payments is one of them. Paytm is one of the leading players in the market. And now it is going to be more useful as payments for Railway bookings in IRCTC can now be achieved through the popular service’s wallet.
IRCTC payments now possible through Paytm
The service is up and running and Paytm users can now make payments on IRCTC through their Wallets. This is a smart move by the company to give it an edge over it’s competitors like Freecharge. Altough there are other payment methods present already like ITZ Cash Card and Oxi Cash Card, the number of users on these payment methods is far less than that of Paytm.
Paytm aims at making 25000+ IRCTC payments every day. It had announced earlier that it has crossed the 60 million mark in terms of wallet users, becoming the largest mobile commerce platform in India.
This partnership is beneficial to both the companies and the users as well. It gives the users a choice while IRCTC and Paytm will benefit from the number of users that will take advantage of the new payment method in railway bookings.
The main reason for such a move by Paytm is to diversify their business. They recently launched their shopping services providing all products with discounts and cashbacks in the Paytm wallets. Their partnership with IRCTC will boost their reach to Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, which have made a direct leap to mobile internet.
Vodafone had also previously made such a deal, allowing payments through their M-Pesa platform. Due to the lack of usage of the service in India, the deal didn’t pan out for long.

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