Top 10 Amazing Indian Railway Facts One Should Know

India is a country where many bizarre and amazing things exist and happens. One of the interesting entity that India has is Indian Railways, one of the largest railway network of the world.

Do you know? As of 2012, the track length of Indian railways is 64,600 km and the equatorial circumference of Earth is about 40,030 km. It is definitely not the largest but it is among World’s top 5 biggest Rail Networks with USA at the top, China at second, Russia at third and India at fourth. It comes down to this, if you joined all the tracks end to end you will end up wrapping the Earth about 1.6 times. This network of Railways is always increasing due to ever increasing population of India. With a population of about 1.26 Billion to serve, still there are places where Indian railways need to reach, various remote areas are still craving for railways to start their services in their region. So in time to come India might climb up the rank ladder in terms of track length given the number of daily passengers on daily basis is not going to decrease anywhere near future.

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