2015-16 Tricks for IRCTC Ticket Booking

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Introduction To IRCTC Login Errors

Can’t login due to multiple login errors for irctc. Here you go I have a small little tricks can let you login fast and easy. IRCTC comes with lots of LOGIN errors and many problems due to its too slow server and so much huge traffic well with this new option I will let you know how to access your irctc login account as fast as a
cockroach. Why i said cockroach? cockroach is not a fast insect yeah that’s why i use this word cause  its not fast and not a slow insect. as you know that due to very huge traffic at their site it’s not possible to get into the servers hastily login.

However there are some tricks and tips that will help you to get through your an irctc ticket booking mission. OK let’s come to the real part and some seriousness. I am going to tell you One by one solution for the errors you get:

1. Multiple Login 

IRCTC Multiple Login Error

First of all the multiple login error sometimes you get this error even when you are login with only 1 id and at only one place, with only one browser so what’s the solution, the solution is logout but irctc takes too much time to logout so simply search irctc log out at google search and click on the log out link now clear the cache of your browser. Again we will be able to login even if you get the error close the browser and restart your system now you can get into it Easily and fastly to irctc.

2. Service Unavailable

IRCTC Service Unavailable Error

Now for service unavailable error most of the users get this error cause of the last traffic and late login before the tatkal time I mean to say you must login around 30 minutes before the tatkal time starts however some people get errors even when they login before 30 minutes for these people, I would recommend to use Mozilla Firefox for booking irctc tatkal tickets. This would help you login to your irctc easily and error free and even if you get the error just refresh your browser as Mozilla supports browser refreshing and loading a content without any problem.

3. Session Time Out/Expired

IRCTC session Expired Error

Lastly the session timeout error this error arises do you do leaving your browser for more than 3 minutes without any activity so how to get rid of this error try refreshing your browser before every 3 minutes.

Tip: Always Use this Link to Login To IRCTC: https://www.irctc.co.in/cgi-bin/bv60.dll/irctc/services/login.do

Hope this help and let you log into your IRCTC account and book your tickets hassle free.
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29 comments on “2015-16 Tricks for IRCTC Ticket Booking

  1. Anonymous

    The website was very good in till May 2014 as they had introduced the lite version during the 10am to 1pm time. From June, the website is not even allowing anyone to login. I have tried with multiple friends in different networks (with broadband speeds upto 15 Mbps). I am surprised that when its not allowing anyone to login, how are the tickets getting booked and who is booking them ? I repeatedly keep checking the indianrail.gov.in website for availability and see that the number of available seats keep reducing every minute. Looks fishy to me…..

  2. Anonymous

    IRCTC site is good. But how to delete the names already added in the Master list of passenger since the page is not fully opened with right side margin.Please find the wayout.

  3. Soumi Ray

    I am automatically getting redirected to the page showing –
    "Thank you for using http://www.irctc.co.in
    You have successfully logged out.
    click here to login again"
    – this is happening just after coming the list of train after train search. I can use old interface but new interface is not allowing me to go beyond the search.
    I have cleared cache and even uninstall and have done clean reinstall of both the browsers.
    Please help me to get out of this horrible situation.

  4. Anonymous

    I am having the same problem too. In other computers, i can book tickets using my login ID itself, but i cant book tickets in my PC.I have deleted cache and reinstall the browser too . plz suggest how 2 get rid of this problem

  5. Anitha

    Captcha problem continues. Even after typing the correct captcha, it keeps throwing an error message as Invalid Captcha. This website is miserable.

  6. Anonymous

    Sir i can't log in the IRCTC NGeT Agent Login always showing this error please help.Re type your password but when i enter password the website is showing communication failure.

  7. Malik Junaid Rasheed

    There are many possibilities due to which you are unable to login
    1. You are typing wrong password. (Make sure you entered correct password. Check if CAPS Lock is on or not.)
    2. There may be a temporary server problem with the IRCTC agent login
    3. Your account may have been banned by IRCTC due to some suspicious activity.

    Try login with some other browser or try login after clearing Caches and Cookies of the browser.
    Still have problem do reply by what are you actually facing and what have you done before.

  8. Anonymous

    I have Formatted PC and installed new win 7 OS but the problem is still there, Agent are must to use E Token to register to NGeT login but nothing is working,I hope IRCTC is Working on new upgrades that the only reason because Agent can't reset there password only IRCTC can do this.

  9. Anonymous

    I get the following error when I try to login. Please let me know how I can overcome this.

    As you have been migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website of IRCTC. Please login through http://www.irctc.co.in


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