Top 5 IRCTC Tricks You Must Know

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After so many IRCTC Login based posts, today I am going to reveal some top secrets that will let you book tickets so easily that even a very noob or new internet user can do it with very few little efforts.
This ticket booking site IRCTC has become a very big problem to noob users and learners who need to book tickets for their travelling but due very slow and unresponsive website it has become a major problem to many online Indian Railway users.
In this list you will be given some tricks, tips and not very essential scripts, to come up with a very user friendly ticket booking method.

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  1. Always Use Mozilla Firefox To Book Tickets
    Why Mozilla? Well Mozilla is one of the top browsers and it supports refreshing the website when stuck during payment or if you get an error. Just refresh the page and in most of the cases you will not lost your session as well as you will get through your payments if stuck.
  2. Login 45 minutes before tatkal time
    As daily new users are joining IRCTC Login site more people login to book tickets at tatkal time. Its like being in a queue when booking ticket at Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation site, if you come first you will be serve first. The main reason to login 45 minutes before is to get a SESSION ID as the site use old server it provides IDs and you must have on cause at exactly 10 a.m you will not be able to get session id and will overcome with lots of errors.
  3. Keep refreshing the page every 3 minutes
    After logging in it is necessary to keep refreshing you login page before every 3 minutes because the session id you get will get expired after 3 minutes if no activity is done on the page. Its a rule of this site to get their servers clear from inactive users who didn’t logout and also for security reasons specially for those users who book their tickets at cyber cafes.
  4. The last perfect refresh (Update: You Don’t need this anymore)
    What is the last perfect refresh? It is that refresh time when you will refresh your page and come up with a brand new IRCTC Login page at exactly just after 10 a.m. This refresh is necessary if you want to book your tickets fast. The best time is to refresh between 9 hours 59 minutes 30 seconds to 9hours 59 minutes 45 seconds. After refreshing page in between this time you will get into the page at time when tatkal counters become open.
  5. Keep your booking data in Notepad (Update: You can use magic auto fill)
    If you are slow at typing or don’t know the exact name or user details, do write your data written in notepad of your system. This will save your time of writing and also asking user the details at the time of booking. As, every seconds count you must use all your methods simultaneously to have your mission successful.
  6. Some Short IRCTC Login tips
    ♦ Always match your clock with IRCTC’s System Clock
    ♦ Do Not write anything in the given train and name fields until the page loaded fully. That is until the loading circular animation stops.
    ♦ Always use this link to login:
    ♦ Do not click here and there in hurry or in impatience.

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     I hope that these tips will help you to book your IRCTC login tickets fastly and easily! Please do follow us on Google Plus Visit here to follow! and be updated with the latest tricks and hacks of online ticket booking. Do comment below for any assistance if you need or nay suggestion you wanna give!

    The other IRCTC Alternate login method is to login through our blog. Visit this Alternate Login Page to see how it works. 

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