PRS Counter Ticket Cancellation Online Procedure

How to cancel Counter Ticket Online?

Now it is possible to cancel your PRS counter ticket online easily. IRCTC has started a service which gives you the facility to cancel your counter ticket online.
It is a great feature for users who live far from stations. Now cancel your ticket at home and collect your money later from PRS counter. So if for any reason you are unable to go to counter and need to cancel train ticket to get refund, this facility will be very helpful to you. Many people were demanding of this portal of cancellation and the railway listened to the passengers.
Steps for Counter Ticket Cancellation:

1. First go to this link:
2. A page will open with a form asking for PNR number, train number and captcha. The image will show where you can find your pnr and train number on the ticket.

PRS Counter Ticket Cancellation

3. Check/Click on the box that says: I have read cancellation procedure and its rule.

4. Now Click on Submit button.

5. After you click on Submit button an OTP will be send to your mobile (The mobile number you have given while booking the ticket from the counter). Now enter the OTP and click on submit.

6. After the OTP is validated and checked, PNR details like train number, travel date, number of passengers etc. will be displayed on the screen.

7. After verifying the details (confirm that you are cancelling the correct ticket) Click on ‘Cancel Ticket’ for full cancellation. Refund amount due will be displayed on the screen.
8. An SMS will be sent with PNR and refund details. Sample format: “Your PNR xxxxxxxxxx has been cancelled. Collect refund amt xxxxx from journey commencing station or nearby satellite PRS locations. Ref. Terms & conditions”
Refund amount can only be collected at the station from where you wanted to board the train or any nearby satellite PRS location.
Refund can only be collected:
  • During first two hours of the opening of PRS counters on the next day for the tickets for the trains whose scheduled departure as under:- time is (i) between 1801 hours and 0600 hours.
  • Upto 4 hours after the scheduled departure of the train during the working hours of PRS counters/current counters/special counters where cancellation is permitted round the clock on the tickets for the trains whose scheduled departure time is (i) between 0601 hours and 1800 hours.
Following are the cancellation rules:
  • Only fully confirmed PRS counter tickets can be cancelled online and refund of fare will done.
  • This online cancellation is only possible when you provide valid mobile number while booking PRS counter.
  • Online cancellation may be permitted on the tickets for the trains whose scheduled departure time is (i) between 1801 hours and 0600 hours (not in advance) and (ii) between 0601 hours to 1800 hours (same day not in advance).
  • You can cancel only 4 hours before the departure of train online.
  • All Passenger details like, age, gender, booking status, current status and journey details will be displayed on the website.
  • Once you cancel the ticket online and PNR is marked as cancelled only then the Seat/berth is released. Also, the refund amount will be displayed on the website.
  • These types of tickets can be cancelled through irctc website – privilege/duty pass/PTOs/complimentary pass tickets. In the case of pass zero refund is permissible however, for validity of the pass for fresh booking the passenger shall approach the counter to get the pass re-validated by marking the same cancelled against the earlier booked tickets as per prescribed rule.

PTO’s tickets are issued on 1/3rd of the total basic fares and normal cancellation charge is applicable in these tickets also. Therefore in many cases ticket value on PTOs is less than the cancellation charges therefore passengers may or may not cancel the tickets therefore cancellation across IRCTC website may be allowed in the case of PTOs also.

What I feel, is that if you cancel through the counter it is better because at last you have to go the counter to collect the money. It is good for emergency purposes like you are in some hurry or busy in office and cannot go to the station counter or you are out of town and your parents are old so you want to cancel the ticket for them. For only these situations it is good. What you say?

If you face any other problem regarding cancellation of of prs counter ticket you can always ask any details in comments below.

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