Premium Tatkal Booking Railways

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Premium Tatkal Booking Or Dynamic Pricing

Indian Railways is offering Premium Tatkal booking or dynamic pricing online. The price is inversely proportional (less seats increase in cost) to the number of seats available.
As the number of seats decreases the price increases. This service is only available on selected trains.
Premium Tatkal IRCTC

Points To Be Noted Related To Premium Tatkal Booking

1. The booking of tickets will only be allowed after 10.00 am for non AC tickets and 11.00 am for AC tickets.
2. The agents cannot book tickets under premium Tatkal quota.
3. Advance Reservation Period(ARP) of Premium Tatkal quota is same as Tatkal quota.
4. You cannot book Waiting List Tickets in this method.
5. Dynamic fare rule will be applied for the passengers that get confirmed tickets.
6. No discount will be allowed and child passengers will also be charged with full fare.
7. The money will not be refunded in case you decide to cancel the confirmed ticket later under Premium Tatkal quota.
8. The rules for Premium Tatkal quota are same as Tatkal quota.
9. You can only book e-tickets through this quota, i-ticket booking is not allowed.
10. At least one person must travel with his/her original ID proof when ticket is booked using through premium method.

Special Features Of  Premium Tatkal Booking (Dynamic Pricing)

1. You cannot upgrade or modify your ticket when you have booked your ticket in special trains with dynamic pricing.
2. Advance Reservation Period(ARP) for special trains cannot be more than 15 days.
3. After filling all the details of the passenger, total fare including dynamic fare will be displayed. Before making payment please double-check the fare.
4. The berths which remain vacant at the time of chart preparation will be available for booking at booking counters at the originating station of the trains.
The tickets which are booked using this special quota are similar to the tickets which are booked using Tatkal quota and all the rules which apply to Premium Tatkal quota also apply to Tatkal quota except for dynamic pricing as in case of this Tatkal quota. The meaning of word “Dynamic” is anything which changes according to time. In case of this Tatkal booking, the price of ticket changes according to time, demand and the number of seats which are available at the time of booking that is why Dynamic pricing is used in case of Premium Tatkal facility. You will be charged according to Dynamic fare whether your ticket is confirmed or is RAC. 
The demand of tickets vary according to season, type of train, travel route and other factors. Sometimes it may happen that the price of Sleeper Class ticket can be more than AC First Class and AC Second Class. This means that the fare of tickets is based on the concept of demand and supply. More demand means more price you will have to pay for the same ticket which is cheaper in case of normal booking. Very less tickets are available under this special facility. 
Once you have booked a ticket under this quota, you cannot cancel the ticket. This means that your money will not be refunded at any cost. But, the ticket can be cancelled only in case that the train is cancelled. There is no other quota available in case of Premium Tatkal quota like: Ladies, Senior Citizens or any other quota. Premium Tatkal tickets can only be booked using internet on IRCTC website. Agents and travel agencies are not allowed to book tickets under this quota. The tickets cannot be booked even from Indian Railways reservation counters. You should only book Premium Tatkal tickets in case of emergency situations.

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