Online Ticket Bookings reach a record 13.45 lakh on April 1

The implementation of the new Railway Budget saw the rise of online ticket bookings to a record 13.45 Lakh on 1 April

Everyone knows that the Indian Railways is the biggest railway network of the world. Everything happening occurs on a massive scale. That includes reservations or online bookings. The Railway budget included the increase in the period of the advance booking to 120 days.
And because of that as soon as the period was enforced, the record of the most online bookings was broken on the very first day.
online ticket booking

The advance booking period was increased so that the bulk cornering of tickets done by some agents could be reduced. Since IRCTC is one of the biggest sites for online booking of Railway tickets, it was no question that most of the bookings were done from there.

1,345,496 tickets, including 125,790 tatkal ones were booked through IRCTC by 3,216,039 passengers. The total amount of money collected was about Rs. 2.5 Arab of which the IRCTC service charge would be about Rs. 4.4 crores.
IRCTC has an average of 5 lakh bookings a day, having charges of Rs.20 for sleeper class and Rs. 40 AC coaches per bookings. The charges were doubled on April 1st with the onset of the new budget.
IRCTC online booking had also seen some cancellations along with certain curbs and restrictions such as one ticket per IRCTC login. 
This is a sign that the new window was widely accepted by the public. People can now also plan for vacations months in advance and get their tickets through online booking on IRCTC. But this can also turn as a bane instead of a boon, as this may give shady agents to get IRCTC online bookings for trains in a much lesser time. Although there are some measures to prevent it, many of them have become skilled in circumventing them. So be careful about this when you do IRCTC online booking next time. If you are having trouble booking Tatkal tickets online, try our IRCTC Login NGET Fast Booking Method.

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