IRCTC Website Hacked or not?

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At first, Times of India india reported that the irctc website is hacked and data of around 1 crore customers is being stolen.
Data can be sold to big corporation and advertising companies. This data can be used to target specific users to do target advertising. Documents of users can be used to create forged documents. Source

Yesterday (4 May 2016), the Cyber Cell of Mumbai police informed the Railway authorities that a large volume of data from its website was stolen.

Upon questioning about the hacked website of IRCTC, the officials said “The data from Cyber cell is being called for investigation which they claim that it belongs to irctc website. Once we have the data, proper verification would be conducted.” A committee is setup and they are looking into this matter.

So overall it is a yes or no that the site may be hacked or not hacked. The result will come after investigation.

Here is what IRCTC has to say in their press release.

irctc website hacked press release pic 1

irctc website hacked press release pic 2

As of my opinion if the website is hacked there must be a chance that this is done by some internal person. What you say about this? Do comment your opinion below!

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