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Video: Explaining How To do IRCTC Login

This video contains how to login to i.r.c.t.c tutorial. It shows how to do login and book ticket. It is easy to book irctc login train. You just need to enter your details in plan my travel and book ticket. You can also book tatkal tickets with this method just you need to select Tatkal. If you have any questions regarding irctc you can ask us in comments below!

Introduction to IRCTC Login Page Online on www.irctc.co.in

The Indian Railways is the largest railway system in the world.It is a government owned enterprise run through the Ministry of Railways. It consists of 115,00 km of rail tracks and over 7,000 stations. It interconnects almost all of India and also to some countries like Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh(with limited trains) in irctc login reservation.

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, nget irctc login page is a subsidiary company of the Indian Railways that handles online tickets for railway, catering services and offers tour packages which can be done by irctc account login.
Almost all of the services can be availed online through their website. Which is why this online reservation site is one of the biggest e-commerce portals of India. It has changed the face of the Railways by bringing it to the web. Services can also be accessed via SMS which makes it truly a pioneering portal.

Services.irctc.co.in and Information about www.irctc.com

IRCTC customer login provides various services through it’s online portal. This allows people to do everything related to Railways on a single website

IRCTC login registration online

  • Online Ticket Booking/Buying
  • Tourism
  • Railway Catering Services
  • Tatkal(Emergency) Booking Services
These services have really pushed Indian Railways to become even more huge than it was as it has allowed many people to avail various services like irctc passenger login at the comfort of their homes through irctc login beta. This has also reduced the workload of the employees of the Railway Stations as many people prefer booking tickets online instead of waiting in long lines.

PNR Status and how to check Indian Railway PNR Status

What Is PNR Status?

PNR Number Status
Red Circle Shows Where PNR Number Is

Passenger Name Record status of a ticket is the latest status of the ticket. It is a 10 digit number that can be found on the ticket/e-ticket you buy. This number allows you to check the seat number or waiting list number if there is inavailability of seats.

Checking PNR Status of Indian Railway

Checking PNR Status is a really straightforward process. All you have to do is irctc login pnr or log in to the Indian Railway websites’ PNR Status Checker.

  1. Enter your 10 digit PNR number in the first textbox
  2. Enter the given captcha image in the next box.
  3. Then click on ‘Get Status’
If you cannot get your Status, re-check your PNR no and try again through irctc login pnr status.

Indian Railway Train Enquiry for Reservation

New travellers and even experienced ones at times do not know the timings and days it runs. Which why the government also has a train enquiry system that allows the user to see the timings and days of the running of the trains of their choosing. They have created a portal to perform enquiry and using it is also very simple also at irctc login page.
  • First log on to the National Train Enquiry Website system.
  • Click on Train Schedule’
  • Then enter either the name of no. of the train that is to be enquired.
  • A list will all the matching results will show up.
  • Select the required train.
The days of the week in which the train runs and the scheduled times for stations will show up, completing the Train Enquiry process. The schedule can also be printed by clicking on the ‘Print Train Schedule’ button. This is a very useful service as it allows a traveller to make a train enquiry anywhere using any internet connection. There are also apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Android which allow you to perform enquiry more easily.

How to Check IRCTC Seat Availability at irctc.co.in

IRCTC Seat Availability
Availability Shown In Availability Box at irctc.co.in

For a railway journey it is necessary that a seat on the train is available at irctc login seat availability. Otherwise we may not be able to board the train or will have to find another train. The Indian Railways website provides with a very easy way tocheck seat availability. All that is required is to follow these steps

  • Go to http://www.indianrail.gov.in/seat_Avail.html.
  • Enter the various details that are required like Train no, Station code, journey date etc.
  • Click on ‘Get Availability’.
It is preferred that the availability and booking be done in advance. And as the advance booking period has been increased from 60 to 120 days, it can be a long time in advance. There are various factors that might affect the seat availability.

  • The number of days before the journey date the availability has been checked.
  • The stations that are selected. If they act as a central hub for the nearby area, there may be more bookings and hence lesser availability
  • The time the availability is checked. If it is a festive season, chances are that bookings have been done in advance.
  • Trains from metro cities may have lesser availability of seats

How to Check (Indian Railway) Train Fare

Train fare is one of the most important things in a train travel. It is better that a person knows the fare of trains so that the better train for the person can be decided upon. There are many ways to check the train fare, but the best way to check train fare online is through the Indian Railways official website or you can check after irctc login registration online.
  • Go to http://www.indianrail.gov.in/fare_Enq.html.
  • Fill in the required details of the form that is presented.
  • Click on ‘Get Fare’
This is not only the easiest method, but also the more precise on as it is an official portal from the Railway Ministry. There are a few things to keep in mind when checking for Train fare online.

  • If an online payment is to be made through IRCTC, make sure the paying account has enough balance for the train fare and the service charges and service tax that is applied.
  • The correct coach is chosen, as the train fare changes according to the coach.
  • The correct concession is also chosen, so as to get the correct train fare
There are many concessions provided by the Indian Railways to the Indian Citizens. Some of them are
  • Arjuna Awardee (100% concession)
  • Senior Citizen (40-50% concession depending on class of coach and gender)
  • Heart Patients (Concession varying depending on class of coach)
  • Unemployed Youth going for Interview(100% concession for Second Sitting(2S) coach)
The quota must also be selected properly so as to add or remove the cost associated with the associated quota.

What are Indian Railway Codes

While making a booking or making a reservation, it is sometimes required to write the various codes for stations, classes or reservations. The Indian Railways website offers the option to check station code, class code and reservation code online. The other method is to do irctc login registration online and then while booking you can enter full station name in plan my travel and it will automatically show the station code.

Some IRCTC Indian Raiway Station Code

Checking station code is a really easy process
  • Go to http://www.indianrail.gov.in/stn_Code.html
  • Enter the name of the station
  • Select ‘Start Station String’ or ‘Part Station String’depending on how the search is desired.
  • Select the sorting type
  • Click on ‘Get Code’
The required station’s code can then be noted.

All Railway Trains Class Code

The class code are as follows
  1. First class Air-Conditioned (AC) – Code:1A
  2. First class Air-Conditioned (AC) – Code: 1A
  3. AC Two-Tier Sleeper – Code: 2A
  4. AC Chair Car – Code: CC
  5. First Class – Code: FC
  6. AC Three-Tier- Code: 3A
  7. AC Three-Tier Economy – Code:3E
  8. Sleeper Class – Code: SL
  9. Second Sitting – Code: 2S

Quota Code

The quota codes can be checked by logging on to http://www.indianrail.gov.in/quota_Code.html

IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Booking Scheme

IRCTC Login Tatkal

There are times when there are emergencies in which it is required to travel as soon as possible, or maybe booking was forgotten to be done at time. This can be the cause of a lot of problems for train travellers. Which is why a Taktal Scheme was launched this allows a person to book train tickets in emergency with the help of irctc tatkal login.

According to the tatkal scheme in irctc train login, a person may book tickets 1 day in advance from 10 AM the previous day. Meaning, if someone wants a ticket for the 9th of a month, tatkal bookings will start from 10 AM on the 8th. There are of course certain charges involved. There is a 10% charge for 2nd class and 30% charge for other classes with a minimum and maximum threshold set. For eg- For Second Sitting(2S), minimum charge is Rs. 10 and maximum charge is Rs. 15.

This can be really useful in booking train tickets on a very short notice according to irctc railway login. It helps many people for getting tickets in a hurry. More information on the Tatkal scheme can be found here.

http://www.irctc.co.in Train Cancellation

Reservation login being one of the biggest railways systems in the world, the Indian Railways is a lifeline of many people. And being this big, there are bound to be some problems. They can range from human error or weather problems. Which is why in many case, trains are cancelled.

This occurs mostly during winters, due to heavy fog. In case of premium trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani if they are delayed by 24 hours. Many other trains are cancelled when the delay time exceeds 72 hours.
While train cancellation is very frustrating, it is a necessary measure to ensure the better working of the Indian Railway system. The cancelled trains can be checked for online.
  • Go to the National Train Enquiry System website here.
  • Click on ‘Trains Cancelled’
  • The list of all the recently cancelled trains will be listed on the list. Trains can also be searched for within the list to narrow down the search.

IRCTC Flight Services

IRCTC login register also provides a flight booking service. This is a recent addition to the website and allows people to compare various airline fares and choose the one that is right for them. There are not only Domestic flights that can be booked, but also international ones through IRCTC flight. All the preferences can be chosen before seeing the fares. Preferences like Flight ticket type(One way/Round Trip), number of passengers, preferred airlines, seat class(Economy, Guest, First Class, Business) and the desired range of price can be easily set before seeing the ideal fare.
Fares from all airlines are shown for domestic and international flights. IRCTC login registration flight also has a little lesser price in certain cases along with various offers and schemes that come for a limited time. The fares are generally sorted from low to high. An IRCTC account is required to make a booking. Certain charges are also availed in certain payment options. We prefer payment through SBI bank as there are no charge for it. As with Indian Railway tickets bought on IRCTC, flight tickets also have contain added service charge and service tax of 14%.
All air ticket bookings can be done at www.air.irctc.co.in

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