I.R.C.T.C to emulate Flipkart’s Success

Flipkart has been a good role model to many and it has also inspired IRCTC through it’s success and achievements. It is now residing in top e-commerce website list of India. 
The government has asked IRCTC to boost their site and follow suit just like
Flipkart.“We are trying to exploit the site. Our growth will come from there. We have been asked by the government to grow like Flipkart,” said AK Manocha chairman and managing director, IRCTC.
IRCTC is a very big e-commerce website, catering to millions of customers all around India for various transports services. It is planning to hire a consultant to increase it valuation and revenue and bring itself a step closer to public listing in the Stock market.
IRCTC to follow in Flipkart's Success

“The government wants to monetize railways assets. IRCTC has started speaking to consultancies. For now, it is just evaluating and seeing how much it can fetch if it goes for an initial public offering (IPO). It wants a ballpark figure. It hasn’t got into the IPO mode yet,” a source said.

IRCTC is clearly stepping up the game to form an IPO, which isn’t an easy job. A lot of work will be required before they get into the stock exchange. They need to focus on their e-ticketing services more and improve other services as well.

According to a Morgan Stanley report, the Indian internet market is valued at $11 billion with e-commerce having the second largest chunk of it at $3 billion. IRCTC accounts for 40% of the online travel. Their aim will be to increase venue by increasing traffic and selling website space for advertising.

Following Flipkart might be a good idea for IRCTC since the company has seen a lot of success in the recent years. It’s idea for advertising and keeping decent rates to boost itself had become successful in the start. Now also the majority of people receive brilliant delivery times and services from them. IRCTC would not need to market itself as it is already very useful and known to everyone. They would just required to boost their servers and be more user friendly in terms of design. Currently, IRCTC login can be troublesome at peak times and because of this tatkal tickets may not be availed by people.

IRCTC can reach the success like Flipkart due to it’s main service of railway bookings and tickets. The Indian Railways is the biggest Railway Network in the world and as technology is getting better and better, people like to do things in as less a tedious manner as possible. IRCTC just requires to capitalize on that fact and get revenue. Better applications for mobile devices is also recommended for them.

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