E-ticket One Confirmed While Others Waiting – Can I Travel?

So you booked e-ticket of more than one passenger and got waiting. Or you have booked the tickets and in the mean while you just got one confirmed seat while the others in waiting and wondering that
if the passengers that have waiting can travel or not. Well, this happens many times where some passengers in the e-ticket get confirmed seats while others remain in waiting.

one confirmed other waiting can i travel with e-ticket
One seat confirmed and other is waiting!

The answer to the question is Yes! yes the passengers that have waiting can travel with the passengers that got confirmed seats. Once it was rule that people e-tickets with some confirmed and some waiting will make tickets useless and passengers with confirmed seat cannot travel and the whole money was refunded to the account of the ticket booker. But now the passengers can travel, just make sure that at least one confirmed passenger in the e-ticket must travel with the waiting passengers or else the travellers will be considered without ticket.

So, either you booked your ticket from IRCTC or from MakeMyTrip if you have at least one confirmed seat in the e-ticket you can travel, however the waiting passengers will not get any seat. After you board you can contact ticket examiner to provide you some seat. They can mange seats as they know how many seats are vacant or passengers did not board and he has the right to assign seats to the passengers.

Some other questions that may help you increase your knowledge or ticket booking:

What happens to a CKWL (Tatkal Waiting) ticket if it is not confirmed, will the amount be refunded in my account?

Ans. If it is a e-ticket (booked online) : Yes the amount will be refunded to your account and if you cancel your waitlisted Tatkal ticket still the amount in your account will be refunded but service charges will not be refunded approximately Rs. 45.6/-.  (If you face anything else or get less money refunded, share your story in comments below.)

I have Waiting RLGN 2. Will it get confirmed if two people cancel their tickets or Will I get a RAC?

Ans. Well it depends that the train has how much rush and how much RAC they give in the train. However the rule is like this, first the RAC is cleared then the waiting one. So, if two confirmed tickets are cancelled first the RAC will be cleared then the waiting. Most probably you will get RAC. Nothing can be said surely in Indian Railways.

Hope that answers all your questions. If you have any other related question you can definitely ask in the comment box below!

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