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Fast tips, IRCTC login and it’s account registration is actually a very basic process and those who already have an IRCTC account, know that it’s easy and fast process to make an ID on this online booking site. For users, who are new to internet and have very less knowledge of registration and other simple browsing techniques
, are welcomed on our site which will help you in different parts of Indian railways reservation with tips on using all of the online services provided the Indian government for it’s citizens and NRI’s.

IRCTC Login page

IRCTC login and registration section is provided directly on the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation website IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System home page.

Just open and enter your username and password and click Login button.

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The Complete IRCTC account setup process for ticket booking and using different tracking services can be explained as following:

  1. First of All – IRCTC account Registration
  2. Then Logging in into your Login Page
  3. After that IRCTC ticket booking for different types of tickets 
  • E-Ticket booking for normal online tickets 
  • I-Ticket booking for receiving the printed ticket at home like booked from counter. 
  • Tatkal Ticket booking for tatkal travelling, ticket received online. 

Learning IRCTC Ticket cancellation in case when you don’t want to travel or have cancelled the travelling plan.

After ticket booking there are many thing you have to track, like, if you have booked a waiting ticket then you have to check PNR status for if your seat/berth got confirmed. Also when the train is going to arrive on the day of travel then you may want to check the train running status.

  1. Learn to Check PNR status
  2. Learn to see Train Running Status

Now, I will discuss the whole procedure in detail with links of tutorials and videos that will help you to get through the whole booking, irctc account procedure and setup.Assuming, that you are noob and using the internet or ticket booking online first time.

The first step for you is to know –

What is IRCTC?

IRCTC whose full form is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC Next Generation eTicketing System)  is a Government of India initiative which helps you to book tickets online with the help of a management system CRIS.Now you need to know how to create account on this site. For account creation I would recommend to read the given article IRCTC Login Registration.
This article include step by step procedure for creating IRCTC account with a video that will demonstrate you that how to get into the registration for and fill in your correct details.

IRCTC Tatkal

After that when you have completed the registration and IRCTC login process, all you need to know is how to do Online E-ticket Booking. After that, how to do Online Tatkal Ticketing Booking and i-ticket booking. Click on the respective links for their tutorials and procedure.
PNR (Passenger Name Records) Status is a ten digit number that helps you to track your berth status.
Train Running Status helps to track trains travelling to different stations and your boarding station.

Some details about IRCTC Next Generation NGET Login:

Earlier, IRCTC old version was very slow and were not able to login to during the tatkal hours. As, that time CRIS of Indian railways provide facility of booking around only two thousand tickets per minute and thousands of people booking at same time lead to server failure and many other login errors and if somehow you get into the site you may get lot of ticket booking error. Due these problem people were frustrated and filed many complaints against the online booking site which had caused loss of both money as well as time. IRCTC agents used to charge a lot.

To overcome this problem, they had decided to launch a new website named as IRCTC Next Generation which actually a next generation having booking facility of around ten thousand tickets per minute. This was first launched on sub domain but then they fully launched on it’s real domain after it’s successful launch. Now, you can book ticket at rapid rate but you should have fast typing and surfing skills because now everyone has access to fast internet and next generation site. 

The users who want to book ticket must know that they must have a fast connection. Apart from fast connection a DNS with very good response time is must, cause all response depends on it. The faster it responds the faster you get the page loads.

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