5 Travels Tips for Travelling Through Trains In India

Travelling in Indian trains can be a problem to people who travel less. Also, for foreigners who are not aware of the Indian railways, it can be a helpful guide. Indian Railway is one of the largest railway network of the world and daily millions of people through it.

Travel Tips India

These are the five tips you must follow while travelling in Indian Railways:

#1 Never buy food or drinks from people who are not authorised by India Railways. It is not necessary that they are selling healthy stuff but it is for your own pre caution. Food quality of these can be very bad and may make you sick. Try to use standard packaged food or buy from vendors who are authorised by railway.

#2 Make sure you always lock your bags and backpacks. Beware of pick pockets and never take anything from strangers. Never take help from anonymous people asking you to help you with luggage or anything else. If you have lots of luggage with you, hire “coolies” (they are officially permitted person for carrying your luggage for money).

Indian Railway Travel Tips

#3 Trains can be late so make sure you have some entertainment or time pass stuff with you. Book is the best buddy for travelling. Books related to the places you are travelling can help increase you knowledge about that particular place and make your travel more amazing. If you are with friends then its good.

Travel Tips Book

#4 Always carry hard copy of your ticket. Carrying ticket in mobile is good but in case if your mobile get discharged and you are unable to show your ticket, you will be considered without ticket. Nowadays, trains do have charging ports but it is not guaranteed that they will work.

#5 Take taxis from taxi counter where you will get a slip, you have to pay money at the counter and when you reach at the destination you can give one of the slip to the taxi driver. In this way taxi drivers cannot over charge you.

I hope this helps and make your journey more awesome. Happy travelling to you!

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