Server Capacity Doubled for Tatkal Booking

The demand of summer vacations has forced IRCTC to overcome the error page problems and sort out the complains of the users, so they decided to double their capacity. Now you can feel the smoothness in browsing the online passenger reservation system website. Even though the site is fast, an average IRCTC user is unable to book Tatkal tickets because of very high demands.
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Tatkal reservations on all Indian trains add up to approximately 4,00,000 tickets (around 2.5 lakh PNRs as one ticket can have more than one passenger) and are viewed as the hardest to book because of their high demand and low supply. 
The servers have been operational since the night of June 1, IRCTC said in an announcement, raising the booking ability to more than 14,000 tickets for every moment from the current 7,200. The limit growth has been done as a prompt stride to tackle the late spring demand for Tatkal tickets, uncovered IRCTC Chairman and Managing Director Dr A K Manocha. 
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“The positive results are as of now indicating,” he brought up. “The measure is imperative, considering that 54% train tickets in the nation are occupied through IRCTC site.” The normal day by day offer of train tickets through the portal, which is the world’s second busiest with 3 crore enlisted clients, is around 5.5 to 6 lakh. It has enrolled a record 14,800 tickets for every moment. 
IRCTC had presented e-ticketing in 2002 through its advanced stage. The site was initially redesigned in end-April a year ago, encouraging 1,50,000 simultaneous associations (clients at once) and the capacity to enthrall 1,000 enquiries for every second. 
“Indeed, even that was later discovered lacking, given the mid year scramble for tatkal tickets-particularly in premium trains utilizing between the most looked for after destinations,” brought up the CMD of the 1999-established IRCTC. “The two HP Itanium servers have now helped raise the limit of simultaneous connections to 300000, while the office for enquiries has trebled to 3,000 for every moment. Signing in on the IRCTC’s site has get to be smoother and more proficient.” 
With the expansion of two new servers, IRCTC has now 17 servers while the current 1.4 GB data transfer capacity has expanded by 25 percent.
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