Late in refund

Vaibhav asked 10 months ago

@PiyushGoyal @IRCTC_Ltd 
My bank account was charged Rs3977 twice, one was the unsuccessful attempt, still deducted Rs3977 from my back account and other one got me a cnf ticket but the money of 1st attempt hasn’t refunded and no response from Irctc Please consider and revert.

Anuj pandey replied 9 months ago

Sir cancle id 100000209678895
Pnr 6209699738
Refund av tk nhi aaya

Anuj pandey replied 8 months ago

I booked the ticket right away but the ticket was not taken but the refund did not take place and the money was cut 2 times
Trasansition id1 100001173288984
Trasansition id2 100001173354121

Anuj pandey replied 8 months ago

My cancel id 100000220645189
Pnr no 2342917146
Refund Abhi Hal nhi hua

Anuj pandey replied 6 months ago

My pnr no 8604037639
And pnr no 8604077815
Pnr no 2244393040
Abhi tak kisi ka refund nhi aaya

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 10 months ago

Somtimes, irctc takes time to refund. You do not need to worry, your money will be refunded. It generally takes 7-14 days for refund and sometimes faster. You can raise your concern by emailing to irctc at