IRCTC Account Blocked Deactivated. How to reactivate?

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VISHAL CHAVAN asked 8 months ago

My account is been deactivated.  How to reactivate.

Harshadbhai lashkary replied 6 months ago

Complain regarding forgot user id and password….

admin Staff replied 6 months ago

You question has been answered here:

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admin Staff answered 7 months ago

If your account is deactivated due to some illegal or restricted activity you cannot reactivate. If by chance there is some hope of reactivating you may have received a mail why your account has been suspended.

To reactivate a blocked IRCTC account you need to contact through email with IRCTC officially. You can contact with them through email or phone number provided on their but there is no use of calling them on phone they hardly pick up the phone. The only way is to mail them at and convince then your account was mistakenly suspended.

There only two reasons for your account being blocked by irctc. Number 1 is Spam and number 2 is duplicate accounts. So do not spam with irctc and never use more than one account.
Follow this Process to contact them: Send them email with why your account was blocked and give them your password and Email id, Mobile Number and your residential address. They will verify your account and after verifying they will give you access to your account only if you are genuine.

admin Staff replied 7 months ago

Other solution/hack to activate IRCTC deactivated account:

If your account has been deactivated

Follow the below steps

Go to irctc home page
Enter your username and click for got password
It redirects to new password creation page where you are asked to enter security question answer
If you remember answer the same else opt for the option to generate OTP to your registered mobile
Once OTP received type the same in the box provided and create a new password
That’s it your account is back 🙂