Amount deducted but Tatkal ticket not booked

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Chandan Verma asked 6 months ago

From a month I’m facing a very critical problem in booking a tatkal ticket from IRCTC web site when i book ticket payments by SBI Net Banking the amount deducted but ticket not booked, what is the problem please explain me and how can i book ticket now please tell me.

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admin Staff answered 6 months ago

Well there can be many reasons for a ticket not getting booked and amount deducted from your bank account if there are too many peoples travelling in that train and then there will be too many people looking for booking that ticket at the same time. This can be one of the reasons that your ticket is not getting booked.

Also a slow Internet can cause this problem, so you can try using other modes of payment like SBI debit card with ATM pin which you can use to pay directly and you do not need to have OTP.  Another method is that you can add money to your IRCTC wallet and then try paying for the railway ticket. Hopefully this answers the question.

Using IRCTC wallet as a mode of payment may help you to get the ticket booked without any hassle, as it increases the chance of getting your ticket confirmed because it save the time of typing the card number account number and password etc.

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