IRCTC Next Generation Login Whole New Interface For Online Ticket Booking

Update: The next generation website is now again can be accesed through and all the services has been again on the old website.

NGET: From the past few months I R C T C is trying to change their interface and add some facilities to make more user-friendly fast login page online and ticket booking environment.
This version of NGET IRCTC login is lite and faster than the previous portal.

IRCTC login

In this new interface next generation E-ticketing website when you log in to next generation, you will get first three options that is Proceed for Booking – Click on this if you want to book tickets, Update Profile – Click on this if you want to update your profile and My Transaction –  If you want to view your previous tickets and transaction.

irctc login options

This advanced website is outfitted with many new features in which one is that the user will automatically log out after every three minutes. Previously, we use to get session expired error. The feature has been added to minimize the surplus traffic on the website.

irctc new interface

In the upgraded and the best of all version of the website of IRCTC login, now you can also make choice among various stations of one particular city in the specially designed window on the left side of your computer screen. So, if you didn’t have a look at this brand new portal of NGET IRCTC, go have a look. Also, the users can now make choice in train type and journey class by this window. Check out IRCTC Next Generation.

irctc train and station choice

So if you think its now better or worse, whatever are your thoughts do comment below related to nget irctc. To be updated follow us at Google+ and subscribe us through e-mail, the options are given at right sidebar.

Watch Youtube Video : Next generation (NGET) IRCTC Login Tatkal Booking in 2 minutes Tutorial –

The above-mentioned URLs are not correct and everyone should take care that they don’t log in on these websites if they get login options as they probably can be a phishing site. Good luck with your tatkal ticket.

137 comments on “IRCTC Next Generation Login Whole New Interface For Online Ticket Booking

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Sir how i change my irctc login id in this new version next generation booking. kindly help me about this


    I have just created new irctc login with starting with "a" but still it is loging in old verstion only. When it will be redirected to new next generation login, do u have any idea. thankq


    Sir today i got this next generation website. This is not working . After logging in and clicking proceed for booking, the error 'the web page is not available' is coming. I tried several times. I contacted IRCTC CCare. I was instructed to delete temp file and change the browser, I did that also. No joy, Kindly help me out.

  4. sharath

    plz tell me how to get new generation website….i just created my log in account in IRCTC log id starting with "a"…..nd i m not redirecting to nget page plz help me…plz

  5. sharath

    i just created a log in account in irctc ,..log in id starting with "a" but i m still logging in old version only…Plz Help me PLz

  6. sharath

    i just created login accout with startng "a",but still i m logging into old version ….plz tell me how to log in with new version ….plz tell me

  7. sharath

    i just created account in IRCTC with user name which starting with "a" but i m logging in old still i m logging in old version only…….Plz tell me how to log in new version…..

  8. Anonymous

    I think so Few Account Get migrated as my one account is migrated when i login i will always logged in to Next generation ticketing while when we log on to my colleages account they get older version login website i think so according to date to creation to user account they are migrating i have created my account in 2006 while other one colleages in 2009 thats why they are getting old version website so wait for month to get migrated to Next generation Ticketing

  9. Anonymous

    I migrated from old to new version of IRCTC website. I could not succeed my ticket in last 7 days (today is 10-06-2014). The new version has 7 minutes(420 seconds timer) for the transaction. All of us know the irctc speed. Most of the time it goes to my sbi account and after transaction my money gets deducted and by the time 7 minutes are over. It does'nt come back to irctc.

    IRCTC should remove this timer.


    Dear Malik, Yesterday I got my irctc id, migrated to next generation website. The new website works like a charm even more smooth and fast than the older version of irctc. But the major problem today I am facing is that I am unable to login my id during tatkal time period that is 10 to 12 and after 12 I am able to login again. I don't know what is the new system of this next generation website but I think in newer version we can not book tatkal ticket during these 2 hours. There is a restriction or limitation for the user.
    Thanks & Regards ….

  11. kashnaveen

    no booked ticket through citibank credit card. because no payment option in their. worst site.
    old site is very good. all credit & debit card options is available.

  12. Jai bajrang

    I tried new website two times but irctc blocked my id ,now unable to login to even on old website ,so just login to otherwise your id will blocked

  13. balram

    i cleared cache and also browsing history..still i m not able to proceed for booking.
    i can successfuly login, can update my profile, can go to my transaction. but whenever i try to proceed for booking, below it is showing "Establishing secure connection"..after few second it is showing "This webpage is not available". i tried this in different browser but the problem is same. few days back it was working fine with old version of irctc login. when ever this next generation has come it is causing problem…plz help me.

  14. BIKASH

    hello , i used to book ticket through net banking from Nepal SBI bank . but now in new interface there is no option of nepal sbi in net banking dropdown menu????…Why is it so ……

  15. Malik Junaid Rasheed

    IRCTC new generation website is not available to all. Its slowly upgrading the new gen randomly to all users. its not necessary that an id starting with "a" gets access and with "z" will not. Its a random process and they are choosing users randomly as per my experience. Just wait for your turn. Other method is that go to and try logging in. Hope it helps

  16. Prashanth P

    Next Generation irctc website is really fast and more chances of getting tickets. I booked twice in a week. Both r successfully confirmed. I suggest people who have saved old bookmark in their browsers, update it to next gen irctc website. Thanks to IRCTC for this passenger friendly approach.

  17. Anonymous

    I had to face inconvenience because of this new interface. Citibank debit card or net banking option is not available while booking the ticket. I have only Citibank account. Now i will have to get a different bank account if i want to book ticket through irctc. 🙁

  18. Malik Junaid Rasheed

    Its no problem. Choose any bank for payment under debit. The bank you will choose will be used as a payment gateway and that bank will charge a nominal fee of 1.8%(varies with bank) of the total ticket charges for making transaction through your card. So no problem what card do you have choose any option like hdfc, icici etc and enter your card details , make payments.

  19. Anonymous

    I don't think it is going to work because my Debit card is of type "Maestro". I guess debit cards of banks like HDFC, ICICI etc. are of either type "VISA" or "Master Card".

  20. sujith Subramanian

    No banking facility for account holders with 'Associated Banks of SBI-State bank of Travencore, mysore etc'…

    kind attention:- regarding some issues that the online subscribers of IRCTC have been facing while online reservation with IRCTC online portal.

    I am a daily traveller of Indian Railway and I have been using IRCTC online booking facility since last few years. I would like to appreciate the effort that Indian Railway have taken to modify the User Interface of online portal and many of the new facilities are much more helpful than the old one. At the same time, it will be helpful to wipe out the difficulties that some of the users are facing after the latest updation. The online banking/card payment option provided in the page does not list some of the major bankers like 'Associated banks of SBI' and through some friends, i came to know that many of the subscribers of IRCTC are facing issues while reservation procedure.As many of the people from south India are depending SBI associate banks for their transactions, the issue is in much concern.

  21. Anonymous

    I had contacted IRCTC customer care on Friday. They told me that they don't have option available for "Maestro" card type. They also told me that there were chances of Citibank becoming available as one of the options for ticket booking after 9 PM on Friday itself. It is Monday today and Citibank still can't be seen as one of the options. Trouble has been caused to customers with Citibank account because of the new interface.

  22. Anonymous

    To cancel tickets, the transaction ID, PNR No., to and from stations and date of travel are required. The transaction ID is not mentioned in their e-ticket or the sms. How can this information be gotten? Else, how can one cancel the ticket? Thanks.

  23. Anonymous

    Thanks for your reply. I tried this, but the transaction ID is absolutely necessary, else it does not seem to accept with the other info provided (PNR, to and from station etc). Nor does it display the booked history as in the earlier version of the website. Surprisingly, their sms and email do not have the transaction ID mentioned, and hence this issue.

  24. Sujit

    Good Features I would like to list are as follows
    1. Master Passenger's List
    2. Master Journey List
    3. Swap Feature "To" and "From" Station
    4. Continue Last Incomplete Transaction ( *** Very useful in case of payment failure)

    1. Citibank and Other Major Debit/Credit Card Options
    2. E-Wallet Payment Option

  25. vs chowdary

    Hi ,

    When i am login to the new version it shows some msg like this

    Dear Customer, You have been successfully migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website. To Print/Cancel/FileTDR of your old transactions done before migration, click "My Transactions" below. To book e-tickets , click "Proceed For Booking". After migration new transactions can be viewed in "Booked Ticket History" in Next Generation e-Ticketing website.

    Then, clicking on Proceed For Booking its not working it will be redirected to blank page and in that blank page "Click here to go to" is there .Please help me if anybody knows……

  26. vs chowdary


    How many days it will take to migrate from Olderversion to newversion , because i facing some problems i am updating newversion 1 day back . Plz help me if we know…

  27. Veerabhadra Swamy Yerra

    After login into old IRCTC site, it is showning ….Dear Customer, You have been successfully migrated to Next Generation e-Ticketing website. To Print/Cancel/FileTDR of your old transactions done before migration, click "My Transactions" below. To book e-tickets , click "Proceed For Booking". After migration new transactions can be viewed in "Booked Ticket History" in Next Generation e-Ticketing website.

    Then, clicking on Proceed For Booking its not working it will be redirected to blank page "the web page is not available". For the same problem, somebody directed to do "First clear all your browsers history, cache, cookies.. Then try login."

    I have tried the same, but no use. Till I am suffering with the same problem. My operating system is windows XP. Kindly anybody help me in this regard ….

  28. Malik Junaid Rasheed

    First try switching the browser if problem persists try to login from some other computer or internet connection or cyber cafe. After trying these you still get the error then contact IRCTC's customer care.

  29. Veerabhadra Swamy Yerra

    Yes I tried the same. My user ID is working in other systems, but that system having OS windows 7. All applications are opening in my system except only new generation IRCTC, yahoo, and passportindia sites. kindly help me ….. what to do ….

  30. Malik Junaid Rasheed

    If you still did not upgraded to the next generation irctc website then there must be a problem with your profile. At first check your profile info and see that all the details regarding to the profile are correct and and the mobile number is working. make sure everything does not match with any other accounts. Then wait for few days. If it doesn't work , try making a new id.

  31. Ash M

    how can in book i-ticket, can any one knows that, in new generation screen, i not able to find i-ticket option which was there in earlier….

  32. Sarin

    Doing site maintenance while Tatkal booking period !
    Very disappointment and i lost two times money in this site…


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