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  1. Ramesh

    well a great truely irctc login related post. thanks for making me aware to this irctc tatkal scams and making to know my pnr status.

  2. Karthik Sharma

    will follow your irctc login advises and tricks for booking tickets. Great article keep going. one more thing, i am eagerly waiting for your e-book to release soon so that i can be master of ticket booking.

  3. Shahnawaz Aslam

    thanks to google search that i find this blog, i am truely new to irctc login and this post answered my lots of question. Waiting for your e-book to release soon. I am a beginner want to start my ticket selling business. Have learned a lot from your post and ya your irctc login tatkal hacked post helped me a lot to book tatkal tickets 🙂

  4. dinesh saini

    i recommend one must come and read this blog before starting and booking tickets. What a fabulous article man. Loved your work. 🙂

  5. priya karthikeyan

    Hi my husband has changed the user id last month and he has now forgotten the id and we have been using this Id for about 7 yrs but due to recent changes it has allowed to change the user id he has given that now he has forgotten when i try to sign up for a new one it says the phone no & email id already registered what to do we have to make a journey often we are help less i tried reaching the help line nos also but unable to do so also my husband phone no & mine we use to change accordingly as per the journey so both the no has ben reg its not alowing to make new id also please help or mail me to dharsinisethu@gmail.com

  6. Malik Junaid Rasheed

    If you have forgotten the user id there is no way but you can check you email and search for IRCTC emails, may be somewhere they had emailed you your changed user id. If you get the user id simply go to irctc login form and click on the forgot password link and follow the instructions. Apparently,You can try by registering with different email id and phone number.

  7. ranbir nandan

    Hi ,
    i have booked my tickets on irctc on 5th june 2015 but tickets booked before 3rd july are not showing in my profile. Now i have to cancel it i cant do it as its not showing up. Please help.

  8. Railway Ministry

    Totally appreciate your opinion about softwares, most of them are fake. Trying to cheat people. Your alternate login method is nice.

  9. Ishteyaque ali

    Very useful guide. Everything explained in detail. I have a question. Why today irctc is doing maintainance at tatkal hours for online e reservation ticket booking without any prior notice?

  10. Rntripathi

    सर अगर हो सके तो एक गाइड तत्काल बुकिंग का हिंदी में भेजने का कष्ट करें ताकि हमें सुविधा हो जाये समझने में जब हिंदी में उपलब्ध न हो तभी इंग्लिश में भेजे

  11. Rntripathi

    सर जो नाम का आप्शन खुलता है ओ मात्र 15 डिजिट का होता है उसको काम से काम 30 डिजिट तक कर देना चाहिए ताकि किसी को नाम भरने में परेशानी न हो | अगर तत्काल टिकट बुक किया जा रहा है तो उसमे दो आप्शन इस प्रकार है 1 ओनली कन्फर्म टिकट, २- अपग्रेड दोनों के बारे में बतला दें |

  12. Malik Junaid Rasheed

    15 digit kaafi hai. 30 ki zarurat nai.
    1 ओनली कन्फर्म टिकट ka matlab agar seat available hogi aur 100% aapko berth milegi tabhi ticket book hoga payment k baad warna mana kar dega ki seat available nai hai aur agar paisa kata aapka toh wo wapas ho jaega.

    २- अपग्रेड ka matlab hai ki jese ki aapne waiting ticket nikala sleeper mein aur sleeper mein waiting clear nai hui aur ac 3 ya ac 2 mein seat khali hai toh aapko ac mein seat mil jaegi confirm bina koi extra paisa diye!

  13. irctc login irctc login

    sir mjhe irctc mein ticket book karna seekhna hai main ticket book karta hun toh login mein captcha galat bata hai phir bede mushkil se login karta hun phir passenger details k time captcha galat bata hai. tatkal ticket toh kahbhi book he nahi ho pata hai.

  14. railway reservation enquiry seat availability

    Sir main railway reservation enquiry seat availability kar raha tha aaj. lekin baar baar error show kar raha tha you cannot access the website. kya irctc ki site raat 11.30 k baad band ho jaati hai?

  15. irctc tatkal book kese karein

    mjhe tatkal book karna hai irctc login pe wo kese hoga, mjhe urgent book karna hai… please hamari help kariye.. dhanywad

  16. Rntripathi

    सर मैं एक irctc का बुकिंग का फार्म का फ्रेम बनाना चाहता हूँ जो कि पहले से भर कर तैयार रखा जाये और बुकिंग विंडो खुलने पर तुरंत अपने आप फार्म भर उठे आप ऐसा ही एक एप्लीकेशन बनाये तथा मेरे मेल पर भेज दें अमित अग्रवाल का काम नहीं करता है|

  17. Rntripathi

    तत्काल टिकट तो केवल हैकर्स ही बुक कर सकते हैं पेमेंट आप्सन तक सारे टिकट बुक हो चुके होते हैं अब आप बतयें हम क्या करें

  18. Dein lary

    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation for IRCTC login your article covers almost everything about IRCTC please also do right about Indian Railways and the problems faced by travellers thank you

  19. Kevin

    I haven’t received my OTP for mobile so can’t complete my registration. I have emailed >care@irctc.co.in< and just get an automated response with a new ticket number to quote each time!! I notice that if I use Cleartrip to make a booking I will have verify the booking by logging into my IRCTC account which I am unable to do because I haven't received the OTP for mobile. I hope you can help.

  20. Amit hooda

    I have booking a train from pathankot to amritsar through netbanking payment is deducted from account but seat not confirmed please help for same

  21. Sambhu kumar

    Sir mujhe mere phone me irctc ka said login ka apasan nahi aa raha hai alag alag said khul raha hai

  22. K Swaminathan

    It is very difficult to login. I find the system very cumbarsum. It should have been user-friendly. I have been trying to cancel my ticket booking for the last 2 hours. I am not able to login. Why creat such a difficult web page.
    K Swaminathan


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