Why Not To Trust Online Train Status Live Position

Indian Railways has a very bad reputation on train arrivals. Mostly they reach late at stations and sometimes got cancelled too. The main problem is tracking the position of the train as all the online available networks does not provide an
accurate time (even sometimes they show train is late and arrive before expected time). Even if you go according to the time told by the online systems, trains arrives 20-30 mins after the time shown (sometimes more).

Train Status live running enquiry

The most regretting thing is that we cannot do anything about this. There is no way you can save your time. People don’t prefer to travel by cars or buses cause roads are very bad. Trains gives an alternative to that but are not punctual at all.

One of the site started by IITians that give GPS location of the trains was closed by the government due to security purposes( I think). India Railway talked about many thing but not about the punctuality of the trains. The first thing that is to be considered is that they should focus on train times then increasing the speed of the trains. If the trains have to arrive late at stations what should speed do.

What is your opinion on train status in India? Do comment your opinion below!

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