Travelling to Some top Places In India

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India is a great place to travel and see the diversity of living. With every 100km (self assessed) there is a change in language and living lifestyle. With more than 18 languages and lots of different food styles.

From Jammu and Kashmir to Chennai and From West Bengal to Maharastra, every place has some unique and beautiful place to visit. For travellers, India is a great place to visit and having a happy vacation. With hundreds of travelling places and dozens of world famous tourist attraction, you will have a great leisure time.

Some of the top places that people love to visit are given in photos below:

In Uttar Pradesh You can check out Lucknow, “A vision of palaces, minars, domes azure and golden cupolas, colonnades, long facades of fair perspective –there is
a city more vast than Paris as it seems, and more brilliant, lying before us. Not
Rome, not Athens, Not Constantinople, not any city I have ever seen appears to
me as striking and beautiful as this: and the more I gaze the more its beauties
grow upon me.” These words, by Sir William Russell,
visiting correspondent of the
London Times, in 1858 about
Lucknow, have led many a sojourner
to the City of Nawabs, as it is fondly called,
traveling overnight from the Indian capital
Delhi to see for themselves its architectural
grandeur and fascinating craft and cultural
legacy that is often referred to as the City of
Nawabs, the Golden City of the East,
Shiraz-i-Hind and the Constantinople of India. A traveler to Lucknow today is still fascinated by the timeless elegance of this city which even today, as malls and multiplexes sear its skyline, struggles to
keep its tryst with destiny with its lofty Imambaras (Islamic halls of prayer) and remnants of palaces yhat speak volume of its glorious history.
In Gujarat you can visit Gir National Park: Aavo Padharo (words of welcome in gujarati language)
sounds special to the inhabitants of this National Park, since it is the sole home for pure Asiatic lions.
Situated about 65 km south east of Junagarh district in the state of Gujarat, this National Park was established on 18th Septmeber, 1965 as a forest to primarily conserve the Asiatic lion- classified as one of the world’s most threatened species. The sanctuary covers a total area of 1412 square km
of which 258 km at the core forms the National Park. The wildlife travel in Gir is an enchanting experience and for the wanderlust, Gir offers its treasured diversity. My trip to the place only validated my opinion that a nature admirer experiences serene solitude in the foothills of Gir-the land
of stupefaction.
Soon I will be writing for all the places one by one. I recommend to all the travel lovers to subscribe us for more beautiful and interesting places to visit. You can learn to book IRCTC login rail ticket for travelling from the previous articles. Do follow us for latest updates. Thank You.

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