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Check train running status and sometimes also called as train live status is the position and arrival timing checking method to your desired platform.

There are many sites that provide train enquiry but sometimes they overcome with errors. Nowadays many people depend on arrival of train by checking it online.

train running status Indian railways
One of the government websites that helps you to get correct train enquiry is .

But what if you can track your train via satellites. Yes! now this is possible by the service SIMRAN (Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation). Its a good service developed by IIT Kanpur and Indian Railways by the help of Real Train Information System (RTIS). This service provide accurate and real status of your running train.

Train running status via satellite

The website is . So now its easy and handy for you to track your train running status information of Indian Railways.
The best ultimate way to track your train status is to always visit this site cause it contains latest update and tricks related to India Railways. Hope you like our work. Please follow us on Google Plus. Follow by clicking on the follow button given on bottom right corner of this page.

A more detailed information you can get on our train status page.

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