How many waiting list tickets get confirmed in 1ac?

Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsHow many waiting list tickets get confirmed in 1ac?
admin Staff asked 2 weeks ago

Can someone tell me How many waiting list tickets get confirmed in 1ac Rajdhani?

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Mohammad Usmani answered 6 days ago

1st AC tickets rarely get confirmed unless you have waiting 1 or 2 there is very rare chance of your ticket getting confirmed
The waiting listing in first ac is rarely being cleared. There is very very little probabilities of your waiting listing to be cleared. whether or not it is a gnwl, rlwl, pqwl or tqwl, any of this isn’t always being cleared. The easy purpose at the back of this is that, maximum of the passengers who have booked ticket in first ac are certainly intended to journey in this compartment and are not going to cancel their ticket till except whatever occurs. This is due to the fact that the fare of first ac is a great deal more than the flight, so if someone is reserving in this compartment then he’s approx. 100% certain of touring on this compartment. Therefore there may be very little or no chances.

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