Top Four Ways To Earn Money Online

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Here I have tried you to give a brief introduction for one of the top ways to earn online easily, that require minimum or no effort. In India earning a part time income through internet is becoming popular as more and more people are getting access to internet and trying to top up their monthly income with their part time online income. Some are doing full time jobs online which is their only source of income and they are doing it professionally. So here are the top ways to make money online:

  1. Earn Money Online From Blogging

    This is one of the most easiest and preferred way of people who are in search or want to start earning money online. As, it cost nothing for basic level except time, can be a good part time job that can earn you handsome amount of money, many youngsters as well as others are using this method. If you have some knowledge about any niche/category on which you can write daily with unique content can get you a good cash in your hands. But remember do choose your niche wisely e.g. people spent around 4.4 hours on Fun and entertainment category (Google Reports), so you can find that it can be a nice category but has fair competition too. If you want to start without any risk, I would suggest you not to buy domain or hosting for blogging.

    You can start your blog within minutes free of cost from or After setting up a blog you can advertise on your blog with services like Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika etc. Adsense is the king of all and can give you a job free life but it’s not easy to get qualified for Adsense. So, if you are lucky enough to get an adsense account (actually, you don’t need to be lucky, you need a well written, unique and lot of content) you have indeed created a basic earning blog.

  2. Earn Money Online From Freelancing

    Freelancing is also a good way of earning online, if you have some skills in anything like web designing, logo making, translation, content writing, SEO etc. You can do it for someone else with the help site like, Fiverr is one of the top sites that helps you earn money for your skills. You have lot of options and almost covers every category that can be a freelanced job.

    earn money by freelancing
  3. Earn Money Online From Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing, mostly used with blogging is an additional method to earn online along with blogging. In affiliate marketing you promote the products of an e-commerce website and when an user buys a product through your blog, you get some percent commission of the total sales through your blog. Site like amazon, ebay, flipkart etc. provides affiliate marketing and people having good traffic on their blog earns a lot from this online earning method too. Click on the image to enlarge, it shows how affiliate marketing works.

    make money through affiliate marketing

    An alternate way of earning from affiliate marketing is having a good socially active page like a facebook page. For example, if you have a facebook page of fashion then you can promote products related to fashion. The more the likes, more is the chance of making a sale.

  4. Earn Money Online From Article Writing

    In article writing, you must be better in english and it’s grammar. There are many website who offers money for writing posta (articles) for them. The payout per post varies from site to site. One of the examples is listverse, they pay around 100$ per post but the problem is that you have to follow lot of rules and should be best in writing. Sites like bubblews are also well known for earning by writing articles but it is DOESN’T seem legit cause of users reporting of ban.

    Make money by writing

Well that’s all for the top four ways to earn online, do comment your suggestion and queries below.

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