Time Needed To Book Train Tickets Increased

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Indian Railways has increased the security checks required to book online e-tickets in order to prevent touts and softwares from booking all the tickets quickly.
Although it may increase the time for softwares and agents it will also increase the time for normal users booking at the same.

Time Needed To Book Train Tickets Increased

In all these check ups a minimum of 35 seconds time will be required to book a ticket successfully as per IRCTC Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) A.K. Manocha. According to him, this will ensure prevention of faster booking of tickets through illegal software. Earlier the actual minimum time for booking a ticket was 10 seconds and it was vulnerable to various cyber attacks which causes inconvenience to general public.

Users will be required to enter correct CAPTCHA (a series of alphanumeric characters to distinguish between human and computers) three times now, one more than before. This will be needed at the log-in portal, during reservation (just below passenger information) and at the payment stages (where you will enter your payment information like card details or choosing net banking). “With these checks, it is not easily possible to book any opening Tatkal ticket by any software being sold in the market earlier than 35 seconds,” said an official statement.

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2 comments on “Time Needed To Book Train Tickets Increased

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    Captchas-make the english alphabets bold and capital and not one jumping over the other and dancing with a smile at us,The captchas after noon are easy for elders
    thank you and the move is welcome


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