Tatkal Tickets To Become More Expensive By Dynamic Fares

Half of the tatkal tickets will be more costly on 80 most popular trains

IRCTC tatkal ticket price hike
NEW DELHI: IRCTC has decided to setup dynamic fare for the 50% tatkal seats on these eighty trains. Since there is a huge demand of tatkal tickets and people pay a large amount to the agents to get tatkal tickets, the IRCTC officials has decided to make 50% of the tickets dynamic.
The reason behind they put is that, IRCTC agents charge very much so if people book tickets themselves by giving charge to the railway site, in this way agents will not be able to fool people by unfair amounts and also people have the surety to get a tatkal ticket.
However, if you know the dynamic pricing of seasonal trains, these tatkal tickets going to be much expensive and can even be priced more than the air tickets because dynamic pricing works on the demand and price rule, more the demand more the price you have to pay.
The extension on this scheme on other trains will depend on the response of the people on these eighty trains that’s going to be dynamically priced. Do share your experiences.
कृपया हमारी IRCTC वेबसाइट को सब्सक्राइब और फेसबुक पे लाइक  करें। गूगल पलस पर भी फॉलो करें और पायें सारी जानकारी तुरंत। 

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