Plan My Travel Tatkal Ticket Booking Online & Seat Availability

I have decided to give my blog readers full knowledge of online ticket booking to really very new beginners who have just registered to IRCTC and don’t know from where to start their online ticket booking Learning process.

A great problem is coming to users is with the login page, mostly at tatkal hours it does not load up at time.

Whenever you want to book a Tatkal ticket first visit this page: IRCTC Login Alternate.
Enter your username and password their click on GO button. You will simply login easily into the IRCTC homepage. This is the Plan My Travel Page from where you can enter your travelling details.

IRCTC Login Plan My travel Page
IRCTC Plan My Travel Page

Now, enter the station name from where you want to travel in the box provided in front of the “FROM” word under plan my travel tab. Then, the destination station in front of the “To” word. Remember always enter the station codes to book your tickets faster. The station codes are given below this article.
After that click on the calendar icon to choose the date you want to travel and tatkal tickets are just the next dates of your booking day. Choose Quota Tatkal or e-ticket as required.
After filling the Plan My travel form click on Find Trains. The below given Image like page will appear.

irctc seat availability

Choose the train by selecting the type of coach you want to travel in. Then the seats availability will be shown.
Click on book in front of the date you you want to travel. Available means seats are available or else there will be waiting list or regret waiting list option.
After Clicking on book button page with form asking to fill passenger details will appear as given in the image below.

IRCTC Passenger details

Enter the details of the passenger. Check/Click on the Consider For Auto Upgradation, this helps in if the seats are not available as required by the passenger they will book your ticket with other birth preferences.
Enter your mobile no. and fill the Image Code and click on Go.
A page will appear with passenger details, booking date, travelling date so as to confirm that you filled in the correct details. If the details are not correct click on replan, if correct click on make payment.

A payment option will appear. Choose any of the banks you prefer is you want to book ticket through your Debit/Credit card. If you prefer net banking then click on net banking tab and then choose you bank. Enter the details, make the payment and your ticket is booked. This whole process is slow so you have to keep patience. Do not click here or there or refresh the page while making payments. After the payment has been made successfully you can print your ticket or just travel with the booking SMS you will receive on your desired mobile number.

If you didn’t understand any step or need any type of IRCTC Login ticket booking help, do comment below.

Get all code here: IRCTC Station Name and Codes (First the station or city name is written then in front of it is the station code. Eg. ABU ROAD-Station/City Name ABR-Station Code)

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  1. Anonymous

    To book confirmed tatkal tickets around vasco da gama for goa express and patna express visit zuarinagar birla at market place

  2. Rafiha. K

    I'm facing problem while doing online payment in irctc. State Bank of Travancore is not there in debit card option for payment. And i have account in SBT only and i don't have net banking also.. So I kindly request you to add SBT also in the option for debit card payment..


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