Online Railway Ticket Booking FAQs

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In this article we will be covering some Online Railway Ticketing FAQs. You can also ask us question in comments too.

Online Railway Ticketing Booking FAQs

Q1. Why doesn’t IRCTC allow to choose seats?

Ans. The reason could be that when people are given choice of seats they will pay the money in hope of getting the seat of their choice. According to this system the passengers can book the ticket offline, online as well as from any place. So there can be a condition arising in which two passengers may want the same seat. One more thing is that the technology was not so advanced as it is now-a-days. So we would end up in booking the seat of our choice multiple times, and we might be booking the seat we don’t like.
Just imagine about waiting at a ticket counter knowing that the seat of your choice has already been booked by someone else. It would take very much time to book the ticket of each and every person according to their choice and this makes no sense as it is not worth for people and the system. If this system was introduced in earlier days then people had to book the tickets at the counters and it would be difficult to ask each and everyone about the seat of their choice.

Q2. Which wait list tickets get confirmed first?

Ans. 1. GNWL: As the passenger starts his/her journey from the originating station or close to originating station, the GNWL(General Waiting List) wait listed tickets are issued to him/her. This is the most common type of Waiting List with the highest probability of getting confirmed.
2. RLWL: The passenger can get a Remote Location Waiting List(RLWL) ticket if he/she is traveling in between intermediate stations as these are the most important towns and cities on that particular route. Different type of priority is given to the tickets with RLWL and the ticket will be confirmed only if a destination confirmed ticket is cancelled. The chart for RLWL is prepared separately and before 2 to 3 hours of departure of the train. The probability of the ticket getting confirmed is very less.
3. PQWL: Pooled Quota Waiting List(PQWL) is given to a passenger who is travelling from small stations. PQWL is generally assigned to a passenger who is travelling from originating station to any intermediate station or from any intermediate station to the terminating station. It is also allotted to passengers traveling in between two intermediate stations.
4. RLGN: Remote Location General Waiting List(RLGN) is issued to a passenger who has booked the ticket where WL quota is RLWL. After booking the ticket RLWL gets named as RLGN.
5. RSWL: Roadside Station Waiting List(RSWL) is issued to passengers who are traveling from originating stations to a station which is on roadside. This type of waiting list has very less probability of getting confirmed.
6. RQWL: In the event that a ticket is to be occupied from a middle of the road station to another transitional station, and on the off chance that it is not secured by the general standard or by the remote area shares or pooled portion, the solicitation for the ticket may go into a Request Waiting List (RQWL).
8. CKWL or Tatkal Waiting List: CKWL waiting list is issued to tatkal tickets. A tatkal ticket gets confirmed directly if waiting status is upgraded later and the passenger doesn’t get RAC ticket. The ticket either will get confirmed or remain in Waiting status.

Q3. Can I travel in 2AC with a 3AC ticket?

Ans. Yes, you can travel in 2AC with a 3AC ticket but you will have to pay the difference between the fares of two classes i.e 2AC and 3AC if and only if the seats are available in higher classes.
In some cases, the seat get upgraded to a higher class if the seat is vacant in higher class provided that the passenger has paid the full amount.

Q4. How do I change gender in booked IRCTC e-tickets?

Ans. You cannot change the gender once you have booked the ticket from IRCTC website. No need to worry regarding this as TT will only check the PNR number and a genuine ID proof issued by the Government of India.

Q5. Why are waiting e-tickets not valid in Indian Railways?

Ans. The reason is simple that a single person can have many number of copies of a single ticket. This will lead to a situation of traveling many persons on a single ticket.

Q6. Do RLWL status tickets get confirmed easily?

Ans. It depends on various factors like: type of train, route, and various other factors like: in which part of year you are booking the ticket.If you have booked the ticket the day before you are traveling and there is 50 Waiting List then there is higher chance of getting a confirmed ticket and if it is not completely confirmed then you will get RAC ticket.

Q7. What if by mistake I have booked 2 tatkal tickets?

Ans. There is no solution if this type of situation creates. All you can do is that cancel one ticket as other passengers who are in Waiting List get a confirmed ticket. But, you will not get your money credited back to your account. Indian Railways does not refund your money if you book your ticket from Tatkal quota and later decide to cancel it.

If you have any other question relating to Online ticket booking at Indian Railways (IRCTC) you can ask in comments.

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