No ID Required for Tatkal Booking, Railway

The Indian Railway Ministry has decided not to ask for identity proof or writing the number of the identity card during the booking of Tatkal tickets. This new rule will take effect from 1st September, 2015.
The taking away of requirement of identity proof is done for both online as well as offline modes.

According to the proposed changes, if there should be an occurrence of ticket booked under the Tatkal plan, one of the travellers needs to create verifications of identity during the journey, failing to show the identity proof which all travellers are required for that ticket will be dealt with as going without ticket and will be charged appropriately. 
This would really benefit the users of IRCTC as it will save much time while Tatkal bookings. Also, a little of data per user will be saved on IRCTC databases. Hence, allowing more users to simultaneously book tickets.
Indian Railways has chosen to stop the act of asking identity confirmations amid booking –both online and on reservation counter. According to an official statement, the ID evidence would just be obliged to show amid the journey. 
Starting now, travellers are commanded to give booking clerk a confirmed duplicate of their personality confirmation while booking from counter, and notice the ID number in online bookings. 
Ceasing of this stride will surely advantage the traveler amid Tatkal bookings, as much time is lost in managing such photocopies and giving them to the booking clerk.

What you think about this step of Railway? Will it benefit the common people or it’s just another step to benefit some particular?

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