Mumbai Suburban Season Ticket Booking Guide

A quick and easy guide for simple bookings for Mumbai Season Tickets

Local trains are a lifeline for many people in Mumbai. They allow many people to get to their workplace and homes conveniently. Since most commuters for local trains travel daily, the Indian Railways has season tickets for such people.
It acts as a pass for travelling in a certain train in First or Second class. The duration usually varies between 1-2 months to a quarterly ticket. This makes it easier for daily passengers to commute without the hassle of getting in a line everyday to secure a ticket.
While seasonal tickets can be bought from any railway station in Mumbai, IRCTC also provides a way to buy such tickets online. These simple instructions will allow for a swift purchase of seasonal tickets.
  1. Select ‘Mumbai Suburban Season Ticket’ on the IRCTC homepage.
IRCTC MSST Mumbai Seasonal Tickets
  1. Login with your user id and password as usually done on IRCTC
  2. Fill in the details asked like the Source station, Destination, Class and Type.
IRCTC MSST Mumbai Seasonal Tickets
  1. A maximum of 3 Source/Destination stations can be chosen per season ticket.
  2. Click on ‘Go’.
  3. Fill in the details asked in the next page.

IRCTC MSST Mumbai Seasonal Tickets
  1. Review all the details at least once. Then click on ‘Go’.
  2. A page confirming all the details will pop up along with the fare and service charges. Click on ‘Make Payment’.
IRCTC MSST Mumbai Seasonal Tickets
  1. After the payment is made, the final details will be shown which shows the transaction ID and the STR no. Note these for future reference
IRCTC MSST Mumbai Seasonal Tickets
The tickets will be delivered to the address mentioned in the filling of the forms. If the person is not available to receive the ticket, someone else may take it on his/her behalf. But an authorisation letter and the STR No. and Transaction ID are to be presented to receive it.

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