Money Not Refunded | Debited No Ticket | Problem And Solution

As daily lakhs of people book tickets on IRCTC so its understood that few hundreds will get some error regarding money transaction leading to IRCTC money not refunded or debited with no ticket booked and thousands get login errors due to very bad servers used by IRCTC and they are not increasing their bandwidth according with the demand.

IRCTC money not refunded

I have heard people complaining about irctc like:

IRCTC Money Not Refunded

IRCTC Not Refunding My money

Irctc did not refund amount of cancelled ticket

TDR Filed not Refunded after 3 months.

Money debited deducted but no ticket generated

Ticket has not booked but amount deducted from account.

Money deducted from net banking but ticket not booked.

Under my experience I have never undergone such situation when they didn’t refunded my money if deducted or if i cancelled the ticket. However they took time sometimes to refund the money due to large amount of refunds they have to done and lack of employees. Although if you are undergoing such situations you can contact IRCTC and they will resolve it as soon as possible regarding your irctc money not refunded.
You can contact at below given details:

IRCTC Customer Service Email:

IRCTC Toll Free Number: 139 or 1800-111-139.

IRCTC Food RelatedComplaint: 1800 111 321. 
In my view emailing is the best solution. Dont forget to share us. Thanks!

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