IRCTC Top Speed 7,200 Tickets Per Minute Reached

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After the upgradation of the website of IRCTC to it’s next generation website, Indian Railways e-commerce site unleashed their ticket booking site where now 7,200 tickets can be booked per minute.

Previously, it has the capability to book 2,000 tickets per minute then it was upgraded to 3,200 tickets per minute in the old ticket booking system. After the commitment of rail budget the system got changed and now it can book 7,200 per minutes.

So, how will you benefitted by this service? Well, the answer is obvious that you can book ticket more faster and hassle free. But, the still the chances of getting tatkal ticket depends on your skills, that how fast you type, how fast you response to page loads. A slow typer will definitely have less chance of getting a tatkal ticket than a fast typer but there are alternatives that can help you. If you have login issues you can login from here. Other ways are using scripts that auto fill all your details.
You can check pnr status from here!
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2 comments on “IRCTC Top Speed 7,200 Tickets Per Minute Reached

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