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Well everyone is in search of any trick any hack that can help us to get rid of problems faced by us during booking tatkal tickets on IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) but the fact is that when we try to login to irctc all we get a error or lot of time time to load the page. Mostly this happens during tatkal booking time.

To my blog readers I want to tell you guys a bitter that there is no hack or backdoor to get your tickets booked faster or or without any error. Although there are some ways or steps which will help you to get a tatkal ticket booked.

Follow these simple steps to get your irctc tatkal ticket booked:

  • Login to irctc login page through this link:
  • Do login at 5 minutes before tatkal time. tatkal time is 10a.m so login around 10.55am. As at this time there will be less traffic and you can login easily.
  • Match your PCs, laptop or tablets watch with IRCTCs time.
  • Keep refreshing your page before a time interval of 3 mins in order to get rid of session expire error.
  • At the time of tatkal that is when clock struck 9.59a.m and 50 sec again refresh the page.
  • Have patience and let the page load fully. Do not try to enter the station name when page is loading unless you will get a error or a blank page. 
  • When the page is loaded do your tatkal booking and every time let the page load. 

Remember Patience is the key to get a ticket booked at IRCTC login. 🙂

Update: New login trick and hack available. Visit our given page for instant IRCTC Login: IRCTC Login Alternate

For solutions to IRCTC Errors Read this:
IRCTC Login Page Tricks

Enjoy! Have a happy journey. If you like my post share my page.

10 comments on “IRCTC Tatkal Hacked

  1. danish saifi

    well thats what i was searching for.. your article helped me a lot.. keep posting about irctc login hack.. 🙂

  2. Malik Junaid Rasheed

    Your speed is enough even a 256 kbps connection will work for IRCTC. The speed problem is not on your side its from the IRCTC's servers side that they are unable to provide smooth speed due to lot of users.


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