IRCTC Rail Ticket To Get Cheaper and Booking Easier

irctc tatkal

Well this is another great news for our blog reader and the users of IRCTC, which has decide to come up with some good booking methods that would ease the life of online booking and irctc tatkal ticket booking.

Not only the process of booking tickets online on IRCTC website will become easier but the tickets might get cheap too.
As per media reports, IRCTC on its website has started a RDS facility whereby the customer can directly book his rail ticket and the money will be charged from the bank account only after the reservation is done.
Earlier, the passengers were facing a problem, wherein, booking a ticket was a cumbersome process and money would get deducted from people’s bank account even if the ticket was not booked. The banks would also charge service charge which would burn a hole in people’s pocket.
The RDS facility is useful for passengers who commute by railways often. A person can get registered for RDS facility by giving his personal and bank account details. The person will be given RDS facility with a secret password.

The person will now be able to login to the website and book his railway ticket or irctc tatkal ticket without involving any other person and the ticket amount will automatically be deduced from the person’s bank account.
Earlier the banks would charge Rs 10 as service charge while booking online tickets up to the value of Rs 1,000 but now the service charge will be reduced to Rs 7.50.

One of the most reported problems of IRCTC is that money deducted from the bank and no ticket or no irctc tatkal ticket got booked and then people have to wait for days, in some cases for months to get their money back. After the implementation of this type of service IRCTC will become a great service to use. What are your opinions? Do comment below! 

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