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Check your latest PNR Status very fast and easily. You can Also check your status of the PNR through sms. The given check pnr status image will tell you how to send the sms in order to recieve your current birth status. You can also do railway enquiry by
calling them or sending your PNR to a particular number.

pnr status

We have made this blog to help you with every problems related to IRCTC and Online railway Ticket booking as well as all the railway enquiry PNR status related queries. Lots of people get waiting tickets and checking the pnr status is one of the greatest need of the people travelling around India. You can go to Our PNR status tab where you have to enter the ten digit pnr number and the check your current status. Passenger Name Record must be remembered if there is a chance that you may miss your ticket. However there is a penalty for people havig reservation but are without ticket or have lost their tickets accidentally.

Checking PNR status of IRCTC ticket could be checked online on our site. Simply submit your PNR number in our structure and click the catch “Check My Pnr Status”. The outcome will show up in new window indicating your present position.


What is PNR status and what will you know from it? 

PNR status of Indian railways ticket. Indian Railways PNR status highlighted on Indian railways ticket.
Your PNR status is the status of your booking. It lets you know if your ticket is affirmed or waitlisted or held and so forth.

The point when do I have to know my PNR status?

The point when going via prepare in India you will eventually end up in the circumstances of having train ticket on waitlist. This is truly normal and to know if your ticket is affirmed or not you have to check your present or latest PNR status. Railway enquiry to see your train ticket current position on wait list of the IRCTC booking framework simply utilize our structure on top of this page.

What does “PNR number” mean?

PNR remains for “traveler name record” and lets you know what is your present position on the WL (waitlist) or on RAC (reservation against undoing queue). When you purchase WL ticket or RAC ticket you accept an extraordinary 10 digit PNR number.

3 Methods for PNR Status Checking

Essentially you have 3 alternatives and these are:

  • Internet checking utilizing your PC
  • SMS administration
  • Utilizing an App for Smartphone
  • Internet checking structure
  • Clearly the most straightforward method for checking is online by submitting a structure on our site.
  • Utilizing SMS administration
  • Do it by sending a SMS in one of the accompanying organizations:
  • PNR to 54959
  • IRPNR to 57886
  • PNR to 5676747
  • PNR to 139
  • Do a railway enquiry

PNR Status sms 139

Note: the right organization of sms content (with specimen number) is: “pnr 9876543210″ note that you have to sort space between the code “pnr” and your “10-digit pnr number”

Utilizing Smartphone Apps to check pnr status. Utilizing Smartphones and tables with web association is normal nowadays so we recorded a few applications we think respect utilization.

Android App

One of the best is an Indian Railway enquiry Info App and you can download it from a Google Play store.

iphone App

There is no application devoted for iphone to date (10/2013). We will tell you once there is one accessible!

Windows App
Since September 12, 2013 New official IRCTC application is accessible on Windows Store. IRCTC in collaboration with Microsoft started Official IRCTC App on Windows based mechanisms. You can read complete press discharge here.

PNR status and Railway reservation one step at a time description…

WL and RAC demonstration

The point when all accessible seats in a given train are sold, the railway (Indian Railway or IRCTC) discharge RAC for railway reservation, once those are sold also, then WL tickets are discharged.

For each train individuals regularly drop their tickets for different explanations. It is those undoings that can get you on the train assuming that you purchased a RAC or WL ticket. The point when the genuine reservation graph of the specific train is prepared (that means the trains are because of leave in a couple of hours typically) and there are still some accessible tickets is distinctive standards, those will be provided for  Rac/wl ticket holders.

Here is an illustration of a Railway reservation circumstance. Tickets are sold in accompanying request:

  • Available 02
  • Available 01
  • RAC 01
  • RAC 02
  • RAC 03
  • RAC 04
  • WL 01
  • WL 02

Getting turned in your ticket and WL numbers…

On your ticket, there are 2 numbers. They let you know the position you joined the waitlist and your present position – in a specific order.

How about we have a case:

You are booking a ticket online (Indian Railways , Irctc , and so forth…  ) You discovered what you needed, your train – class – seat / billet and the date and time.  At the finish of the reservation you purchase a ticket with Wl5/wl2.

In this sample you joined the WL on the position 5  and before you really purchased the ticket online you as of recently moved to second position (because of another person dropping – or better to say they didn’t make a last booking). The principal number will continue through to the end – it shows when you JOINED the queue ! The second number will diminish until you get a ticket (surely)

Your Railway enquiry reservation could look like:

  • WL 5/wl 2 (this is your beginning position)
  • WL 5/wl 1
  • WL 5/rac 3
  • WL 5/rac 2
  • WL 5/rac 1
  • WL 5/cnf

Here WL 5/wl 2 = waitlisted ticket, you can’t prepare to leave the train

WL 5/rac 3 = RAC ticket, you are permitted to prepare to leave the train ,  yet you might  wind up on a seat in place of a compartment.

WL 5/cnf = affirmed ticket, you can load up the train  and you have a compartment for yourself.

WL and RAC tickets discount

Assuming that your train is prepared for takeoff and its reservation outline is finished your WL and RAC ticket will be immediately discounted to your ledger.

NOTE: There might be critical development on wait-list on the precise a day ago, so you can get a RAC status a minute ago, in such case you don’t obviously get any discount as RAC is really a boarding.
There are some tricks and if you have some JUGAAD (Indian Language) with any officer you can get your ticket confirmed.

Hope it helped you learn everything related to PNR Status and if you have any question regarding this site or any other question related to this topic please comment below! Suggestion are warmly welcomed!

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