IRCTC Planning to Make AADHAAR Cards Must For E-ticketing

In purchase/selling of Indian Railway train tickets there are always been involvement of touts. Many times you would think of contacting an agent for booking a Tatkal ticket when you are in emergency. Touts have always been selling tickets and have numerous ways to book Tatkal tickets either it is through counter or through software.
In order to reduce the involvement of touts in selling of tickets IRCTC is thinking to make Aadhar card mandatory for every registered user and also in new registration process on its NGET next generation e-ticket booking system.

IRCTC to make AADHAR Cards Must for E-ticket Booking
This will cut off fake and duplication of IDs. This will also ensure that users that are registering on the IRCTC’s NGET website are fully checked and identified for their identity and address through the method of Aadhar card number verification

As of now, the new client enrolment on the IRCTC web ticketing webpage is done through confirmation of the client’s telephone number and email ID, by sending an OTP (one-time secret key). 
It has additionally chosen to increase its e-ticketing operations by leading security review through STQC. 
As a component of this, STQC will lead the web application security and vulnerability assessment of servers and gadgets that are a piece of its e-ticketing operations facilitated at the site of IRCTC. 
STQC Directorate is joined with the department of electronics and information technology, Government of India. 

IRCTC representative Pradip Dutta said: “Security review will help IRCTC to guarantee that security vulnerabilities, if any, have been identified and tended in its e-ticketing framework and the web application and IT infrastructure are free from any glitches. Further, making Aadhar card required for user registration process for e-ticketing is presently in the arranging stage.” 

Also, as you know that IRCTC is going to introduce five new servers, which are being imported from Singapore will increase the capacity of booking e-tickets per minute. 
One of the features of IRCTC that some of may know that now any user who is logged in will be log out exactly after 3 minutes rather than getting an Session Expire error while ticket booking, which was used to happen previously. Now, there are negligible or no errors but even though people are unable to get a confirm seat berth. 
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