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With the new IRCTC login interface now logging to IRCTC is more easy. With a new domain for searching trains, it transfers most traffic to another server and hence making login to
IRCTC faster.
Also Windows 8 app is nice for booking normal tickets as it don’t allow to book tatkal till now. Hope IRCTC login improve it’s services soon.

As, many users were having login problems thats why IRCTC had taken some steps to improve it but due very large traffic no change seen in reducing the problems for the users.  However I have given some tips for booking tatkal tickets in my blog which would be very helpful for easy a legitimate way to book the travelling tickets for you.

Thi method will help you in this, but there are some ways that can help you login to irctc and let you book your tickets a little faster and hassle free. Some the login tips are:
1. Use Latest Mozilla Firefox browser, this browser keep your session and pages more safe.

Download it from here:  
2. Login 2 minutes before tatkal time.

3. Keep refreshing your irctc page after login every 30 seconds.

4. Always match your device clock with irctc’s clock.

5. Refresh 10 seconds before the tatkal time.

6. Never try to enter journey details until the page is full loaded.

7. Book your ticket instantly at tatkal time.

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