Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation

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It is one of the biggest e-commerce platform of Asia and in top 100 sites of the India. This website is daily searched for the indian railway keyword as very large people book tickets and server gets
down many time and return with many unexpected login errors.

One of the biggest irctc problem is seat availabilty as within an hour all the seats got booked. Daily lakhs of user click on seat availability and return with waiting tickets which are worthless for online booking. A large number of people create new account/new user as many users got banned for illegal activity or for having multiple accounts. Most of the times when people return with waiting tickets they search for pnr status enquiry to find that that their seats got confirmed or not. When doing pnr status enquiry many users got stuck with waiting tickets.
During booking ticket not found error is most common and most annoying, for this i have added a tutorial to tackle irctc login problems.
IRCTC tatkal ticket booking for mobile is not available between 10.00am to 12.00pm +5.30 GMT

There are many tricks that would work for you mostly depending on the luck. Downloading INDIAN RAILWAY CATERING & TOURISM CORPORATION apps for booking ticket is a nice idea with the drawback that you cannot book the ticket at Tatkal time. Recently their officials said that their site is down due to fog. Also western railway has decided to start dynamic ticket booking from New Delhi to Mumbai for special trains.
There are lot of complain regarding money refunding.

Hope this article helped you about all irctc login page problems. Do follow us for being updated with irctc at +IRCTC LOGIN 

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