Give Suggestion For Indian Railway Budget 2016-17

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Indian Railways is providing an option for citizens of India to suggest regarding railway budget 2016-17.

If you have any suggestion or idea that you think that should be implemented in the next railway budget of India. You can suggest it in the form provided by the Railways ministry at their indian railways website.

How to suggest for railway budget?

  1. Open this link:
  2. Fill the form by entering the name, email, phone number.
  3. Choose the Suggestion pertain that is the category you which your  suggestion belongs.
  4. Then Choose the Sub head that is the Sub category.
  5. Write your suggestions in the suggestions text area box.
  6. If you have any document supporting you suggestion you can upload that file by clicking Choose File button and uploading it.
  7. After all is filled you can enter the captcha and click on submit.

Do share this so that this message reaches to all the people who want a change in the budget. Any questions? Ask us in comments.

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