Documents Required/Valid for Online Passport Application

One must have details regarding what documents are required for online passport application. Many times people do not have the photocopies or scanned copies of the document. In todays era everyone should have their documents scanned and xeroxed as they can be required anytime for online or offline procedures.
For Fresh Online Passport applicants documents required/valid for obtaining a passport
can be seen at official website here .

Documents Required for Online Passport Application

**Learn here how to fill  online passport application**

 For me as I was fresh applicant for passport and I am not a minor so for verification I took with me

1.Photocopy of bank passbook, the bank passbook should have transactions of at least 30 days back from time when you are going for verification of documents.Also, your bank account should be of more than one year.Passbook serves as identification proof as well as for address proof. Before going in get the first page photocopied i.e. the page which has your photo and details, photocopy of first page of transaction and last page of transaction.

2. Date of birth certificate issued by Nagar Nigam only, is accepted by Passport Office as valid D.O.B proof. Along with D.O.B certificate passport officials demanded High School mark sheet/certificate.

** Get at least 1 photocopy of each document that you are going to produce at Passport office for verification.**
** The photocopies of each documents should be self attested.**

Checklist/To do things before going in for verification at Passport Seva Kenda

1. Documents required as per your category, all originals.
2.Self attested photocopies of all the documents.
3. Take a printout of submitted online passport application form and appointment letter/acknowledgement.
4. Reach well in time at P.S.K to avoid hassle and confusion.
5. In case of minors you need to take photographs of the passport applicants, for others, photograph will be taken inside Passport Office.
6. It is highly recommended that you take one person with you, it helps in case you have forgotten something.

How things work inside Passport Seva Kendra

Hundreds and thousands of people arrive at Passport Seva Kendra each day for verification and obtaining passport, but not everyone succeeds. First and most basic thing I would like to tell you is that you got to have patience for this work. And try to be nice with Passport Officials, believe me it would help a lot.

You will get entry into P.S.K 15 minutes before the time printed on your appointment letter.


Then you will see a queue of people entering through a gate after security check. Once you are through security check you proceed to token issuance counter according to your application viz a viz Fresh, Tatkal and Senior citizens. The person on counter will ask you for your original documents and a photocopy of these documents. In you have not photocopied something, no need to worry, their is a photocopy shop inside PSK. After a casual verification you will be issued a file with file number and token number. Your original documents are returned to you and photocopies are stapled in file.


After issuance of Token you will proceed to entry turnstile where the guard takes your file and scans it. Then you enter through it and now you wait!
Suppose you have got a token number of 18, their will be many people having that token number so don’t worry. When the Passport official call your number 18 all people having token number 18 will submit files and will be taken up by that official for assigning counter number for verification. The official will call your name when your file comes so sit back and relax! You can also have a snack there , their is a canteen inside PSK.


Next you will receive a wait number like this A-219 i.e. A followed by a number. It means you have to go to the A counter when your turn comes. Your wait number is displayed on a big TFT screen inside Passport office with counter number ( There are several A counters) . When your turn comes you proceed to the designated counter for data verification. The official in front of you will revise all the fields of passport in front of you, so if you want to edit something, this will be your last chance so be careful! He/She will ask for your original documents for scanning and uploading. Your photograph will be captured here ( But not of minors, they have to bring their photo) along with bio-metric capture.


After you are done on counter-A you will get a number for counter B of series B-XXX . Again you will have to wait for your turn waiting for your number to appear on Screen. When you turn comes proceed to the respective counter for thorough checking of your documents. He/She may also ask you a thing or two about the documents so be sure that you tell him correctly. When you are done you are sent to C counter.
Wait for your turn till your number ( of format C-XXX) appears on screen and proceed to respective C-counter for confirmation of grant of Passport. After a casual checking the file is submitted and you are instructed to exit PSK. While exiting you are issued an acknowledgment letter as a proof of successful submission of passport application form. 

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