Alternate Login and E-ticket Booking Method

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From the past six months I am trying to help my blog readers so that they can book their tickets easily but the problem that come is of Login. At tatkal hours its hard to get into IRCTC and after tatkal hours no ticket is left. So how to get into the site?
This is the major question of people who are booking tickets online at Indian Railways online ticket booking website.

IRCTC Alternate Login Method

To over come this IRCTC Login problem I have created a new page within my blog which have a form where you can write your username and password and after then click on Go and Voila! You Are In within few seconds, faster than any other user of India trying to login at the same time. Your possibility is 75%-85% higher than other users if you are booking through my site.

Here is the page link: IRCTC Login Fast For Tatkal Ticket Booking – IRCTC Alternate Login
One thing for note is that we do no store any username or password so you do not need to worry about your credentials. Even if you do not believe just comment below we will provide you the proof.

Procedure to IRCTC Login for alternate method:

  • Visit our above given page 15 minutes before the tatkal time that is at 9.45am (IST).
  • Enter you Username and Password and click on Go.
  • You will get into your IRCTC Login home page.
  • Keep refreshing the page every two minutes.
  • Open our page again in a new tab and read some post for tips to tackle errors. (Optional)
  • Last refresh at 9 hours 59 minutes 30 seconds am.
  • You will get into the tatkal page.
  • Book your tickets easily 🙂

Hope you have got the whole idea and method of alternate login. For any queries or suggestion comment below!

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