Aberrant Increase in Traffic On IRCTC, Ministry Clarifies

IRCTC is facing aberrant increase in traffic (making website unresponsive) on it’s website since the start of summer vacations, more precisely from 21st of May 2015. According to reports, during morning Tatkal hours the traffic booms from 10 million to 30 million. This huge traffic causes many server problems and results in
error to users booking Tatkal or normal e-tickets. Some of the errors that users face are:

  • Long queuing/waiting time:  Due to very enormous amount of traffic, server takes time to respond to the requests and hence leads to very long waiting time. 
  • Improper ticket transaction: Many users booking at the same causes improper ticket transactions.
  • Forced logout: Yet another problem comes due to inability of the server to handle so many users and hence it pulls out several people from the logged in page.
  • Inability to access the site: Again the server is already filled up with so large amount of request that it does not responds to other requests and therefore some people will not be able to log in or access the site.
  • Failure to complete the transaction: The same overload error cause this.

In it’s clarification Railway Ministry said,

    The Ministry of Railways might want to present that the IRCTC Website has limit for a characterised level of transactions. On the other hand, following 21st May 2015 an exceptional level of train retractions have been constrained on the railway framework by tumult on Kota-Mathura route which is as yet proceeding. This area which bears the significant traffic in the middle of South and North and North to West has been slice off because of fomentation. Till 1300 hrs of 27th May 2015, 208 mail/express prepares have been drop, 9 somewhat crossed out and 109 trains have been redirected on option routes. This undoing/preoccupation has lead to an extraordinary level of undoings of reservations, reexamined reservation demands, enquiries and so forth.  

    Indian Railways

    It might be noticed that since the tumult began, more than 1.9 lakh cancellations are being done day by day against 1.1 lakh cancellation being done ordinarily by IRCTC Website, an increment of 70%. It might be noticed that crossing out of one adventure regularly prompts an amended application for booking for expected future date. This has lead to a sudden upsurge of hits on the IRCTC Website. Further, it might likewise be noticed that once a traveler scratchs off a ticket, he tries to go in for Tatkal and thus the pursuit has been especially surged from 10.30 in the morning which is regularly Tatkal period. The quantity of hits between 10 AM to 11 AM which were regularly in the scope of 10 million have gone up 22.3 million since begin of unsettling, touching a top of 30 million on 22nd May 2015.

    IRCTC Website is not intended for such unusual increment of traffic and thus the reported issues. Then again, steps have taken to alleviate the issue in this snippet of emergency and extra server is being put set up to expand the booking limit of the site and to adapt to the expanded traffic.

    So if you are facing such errors and issues do not panic just try to find some methods that would help you get through these errors. Indian Railway has very big database so as  the population of India and that is why lot of errors happen. We have already created a fast Tatkal booking guide that would help you to book your tickets in less time. Download it here!
    For any help you can sound them off in comment. Happy Journey!

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